How can I Learn Reiki?

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Q: How can I Learn Reiki? 

A: To learn Reiki you need to study with a Reiki teacher.

The system of Reiki was developed in the early 1900s in Japan and includes a number of set elements which we call the five elements. These are Reiki meditations and techniques, four Reiki symbols and mantras, hand positions for healing the self and others, Reiki precepts (codes), and reiju (energetic blessing from your teacher).

Many people learn energetic practices similar to the system of Reiki – they might be called spiritual healing, energetic healing etc… They may have been inspired or influenced by the system of Reiki as well but without these five main elements mentioned above they would not be considered to be the system of Reiki.

When you learn the system of Reiki you begin at the first level and work your way up to the third level.

It is best to learn in-person as it is an experiential system where you practice and your teacher supports you with your development during a course. You need to be confident in your teacher’s abilities and trust that you will be respected by your teacher – you can find out about this by meeting or talking to your teacher prior to your class and researching your teacher’s character and teachings in detail. 

After a Reiki course be aware that you will need to continue practicing the techniques and practices that you have been taught so make sure your teacher can support you in that too.

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