High Priority! Do you want Private Health Insurance Rebates for Reiki?

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Australian Reiki Practitioners!

High Priority! Do you want Private Health Insurance Rebates for Reiki?

Yes? Then you must act urgently by December 4th 2015

Action to Take

a) complete the healthcare consumer survey – see below

b) widely distribute this message to friends, relatives, colleagues, clients, students who wish Reiki to be considered for health fund rebates.

Why is your participation critical?

Until 4th December, the government is seeking consumer feedback as part of its consultation into Private Health Fund Insurance.

The Reiki community holds a keen desire for Reiki treatment to be widely accepted and available as a healthcare option. Currently, no private health insurance rebate is available for Reiki treatment.

Submissions from Reiki membership associations will have little influence if the first test of widespread consumer demand for Reiki is not met. You now have a valuable opportunity to influence the future direction of Private Health Funds in consideration of Reiki for rebates.

Numbers matter! With your help, many thousands of consumers will request inclusion of Reiki!

Private Health Insurance Survey 

CLOSES 4th December

The Australian federal government has commissioned a survey into private health insurance and they are seeking wide consultation with members of the public. Even if you do not hold private health insurance the government wants your input.

How do you feel about the current lack of support for complementary health and wellbeing services? How do you feel about the general lack of focus on preventative healthcare? 

Here is the link to the survey:


Several of the questions use a priority rating in which there is a list to select your top 3 priorities. NOTE the ‘Other’ option, which when clicked, enables a free text area. Here, you can list Reiki as a service you would like rebated, and voice concerns you might have about that particular area of question.

The final question lets you make other comments about private health insurance (PHI), including stating your wish, in more detail, that Reiki treatment be included. Here are some points that may be relevant to you, in talking about why Reiki treatment should be included in Private Health Insurance (PHI). 

– freedom to choose the services, like Reiki, that work for you

– wanting PHI to cover Reiki as wellness and preventative healthcare

– documented benefits of Reiki as shown by research

– the place of Reiki in treating chronic illness

– benefits of incorporating Reiki care for ageing population

– potential cost savings for the health systems a result of people benefiting from the effects of Reiki, such as reduced anxiety and stress, improved sleep, and other quality of life benefits for people suffering chronic illness, including side-effects of treatment for cancer.

– potential of Reiki treatment to reduce medical costs and improve health outcomes, such as reducing risk of subsequent heart attack

– the benefits of Reiki in reducing symptoms of mental illness such as anxiety and depression

-the benefits of Reiki in the support of people withdrawing from alcohol and other drugs

– benefits of Reiki in provision of palliative care

– the expectation that government and PHIs should match the increasing community preference for Complementary and Alternative Therapies, including holistic treatments like Reiki

– the inherent safety and non-invasive nature of Reiki treatment makes it suitable for a range of ages and conditions

– Reiki is a low cost treatment

We urge you to complete the survey and to promote it widely.

Please forward this email to your clients, students, colleagues, friends and family members. 

If enough consumer surveys express the points above, we may be able to influence the future direction of Private Health Funds and Reiki’s standing in Australia’s healthcare system.

Act now! – the survey closes Friday 4th December.


John Coleman

President of ARC.

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