Help get Frans to Japan to study Shugendo

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Frans Stiene is a committed Reiki teacher who, in July 2012, has the unique opportunity to begin Shugendo training in Japan. YOU can help him to raise the funds to go.

Frans has been studying and teaching the system of Reiki from a Japanese perspective since 1999 all around the globe. Those of you who know Frans know that he is 100% committed to his roles as a Reiki teacher and as a student of the practice. His generosity in sharing his path with others is a stand-out amongst Reiki teachers.
It is unfortunate that there is little verifiable information about the system of Reiki and its founder available in Japan. Even though this is the case, Frans has made it his mission to try to gain as much insight into what the intentions behind the system were as well as what influenced the founder in its creation.

Shugendo is a Japanese practice that the founder of the system is believed to have practiced and we can see its influence on many of the traditional practices taught in the system of Reiki. Wouldn’t it be incredible if there was a better understanding in the Reiki community about these practices?

Recently, an opportunity has come up for Frans to begin training with a Shugendo teacher in Japan. It is rare for a westerner to have this chance and the International House of Reiki wishes to support Frans in this endeavour.

We hope that you, too, would like to support Frans in furthering his knowledge and energetic skills. As a teacher he is in the perfect position to be able to give back to the community from this experience. You get the benefit of his hard work and committment. And we hope this is just the beginning for Frans’ further study of Japanese practices.

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