Heart Ki Video

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Heart Ki Video from International House of Reiki.

The Journey to Wild Divine has devised a unique DVD game for your mind & body using biofeedback hardware with your computer to create an enlightening experience of wellness.

The International House of Reiki has become involved in the second of the series of three DVD games called Wisdom Quest by Journey to Wild Divine. This features Deepak Chopra plus techniques from the International House of Reiki’s book The Japanese Art of Reiki.

This means that we’re able to offer you a glimpse of the world of Journey to Wild Divine and to show you some of the Reiki techniques that have been included in the second game Wisdom Quest. The techniques are introduced by The Lady of Compassion who also teaches you how to work with them – as you listen to these techniques know that they are excerpts from the entire game and may sometimes refer to elements of the game that have occurred or are about to occur.

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