Healing is Preparation

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Healing is not just about going to a practitioner when you don’t feel well. Healing is not just about using self-healing practices at the moment you get sick. Healing is about starting right here, right in this current moment. Healing is about nurturing balance and harmony not just in our bodies, but also in our minds and hearts. Healing is all about preparing ourselves for when we do get sick, or when our marriage falls apart, or when there is a natural disaster. If we wait to start our spiritual practice until we are unwell or when things are difficult, we might not have the energy and commitment to perform a meditation practice, or we might feel too tired or overwhelmed by our issues. But right here, right in this moment, when you feel all is going okay in your life, you have the energy to practice. The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine stated this wonderfully.

Listen, treating a disease that has already developed, or trying to bring order to disruptions that have already begun, is like digging a well after you’ve become thirsty, or making weapons after the battle is over. Wouldn’t it already be too late?

This means that real healing is a preparation practice, it helps us to build a strong foundation within ourselves so that we do not get overwhelmed or carried away by all our emotions when we face difficulties in our lives. The best way to prepare is to begin today with practices that strengthen the spirit, balance the heart and calm the mind.

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    Right on! You have beautifully and succinctly addressed “healing”.  Thank you for your continuing insightful perspectives.

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