Hands on Healing as Meditation

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franshandhead Hands-on healing on ourselves and others is in essence a form of moving meditation. 

But for hands-on healing to become meditation a few factors need to be at play.
Often when we perform hands-on healing on ourselves we fall asleep. Thus we can not really call it a meditation anymore because there is no clarity and focus, and we are not mindful. 

Often when we perform hands-on healing on others we start to get side tracked by our thought process. We get carried away by the past, present, and future. Maybe we get carried away by what our senses are experiencing; we start to follow the experience so to speak, instead of being mindful. Thus if our senses get carried away by our thought process, hands-on healing also ceases to be meditation.

When someone performs a hands-on healing session on us, this also can become a meditation. But again, oftentimes we either fall asleep or we get carried away by all our senses. However, if we are mindful during our session, then hands-on healing for ourselves, performed by someone else, also can become meditation. 

“The first miracle brought about by mindfulness is your own presence, your real presence. With this energy dwelling in you, you become completely alive. When the energy of mindfulness is dwelling in you, Buddha is dwelling in you. The energy of mindfulness is the energy of Buddha. It is the equivalent of the Holy Spirit. Where the Holy Spirit is, there is also understanding, life, healing, and compassion. Where mindfulness is, true life, solidity, freedom, and healing also manifest. We all have the ability to generate this energy of mindfulness.”
Thich Nhat Hanh 

When we are mindful during hands-on healing, whether we perform it on ourselves, on someone else, or if someone else is performing it on us, hands-on healing becomes meditation.

Why is it so essential for hands-on healing to become meditation? Because when we are in a state of mind of meditation, we are mindful. Being mindful creates an open expanded state of mind in which the energy can flow freely through us. This free flowing energy in turn can take us to a level of healing much deeper than if we get side tracked by all our senses during a hands-on healing session.

When we start to move into a space of meditation during hands-on healing, our energy becomes more free-flowing because it is not getting caught up by daily issues which we are thinking about. 

As Thich Nhat Hanh states; “The energy of mindfulness is the energy of Buddha”. Or in other words, the energy of mindfulness is the energy of the whole cosmos. 

Most of the time our mind is all over the place, distracted by the past, present, and future, distracted by all our senses. In this distracted state, we are not realizing our full potential of being the energy of the cosmos. As energy follows the mind, it is therefore essential to be mindful during hands-on healing so that it becomes a moving meditation practice. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could offer someone the whole cosmos instead of our confused monkey mind? With mindfulness, with a hands-on-healing session that is a moving meditation, we can.

This of course also is explained within the precepts; the precepts tell us to be mindful. The word precept can also mean instruction; thus the precepts instruct us how to perform a hands-on healing session, in the mindful state that the precepts themselves help us to cultivate. In fact, all the other tools within the system of Reiki also point this out. Therefore the deeper we go within the practice of the system of Reiki, the more mindful we become, the more hands-on healing becomes a meditation practice, the more we remember our union with the cosmos, and the more energy will flow freely through us for healing to occur.

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