Hands-on/off Healing is a Manifestation of Compassion

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When we start to integrate the precepts into our daily life, we start to feel more and more compassionate to ourselves and others. This is because we are slowly letting go of our anger, worry, and fears. We start to become more and more grateful, organic, and compassionate.

The compassion which is being reawakened is our own innate compassion; it is the warmth from our inner great bright light which we are laying bare through our daily meditation practice. This compassionate light is full of love and energy.

When this starts to happen, we start to investigate how we can utilize this compassionate warmth and energy. For most of us, the first point of call is our hands because we use our hands to touch, feel, extend, embrace, you name it. Plus we often can feel this compassionate energy in our hands because the heart meridians flow through our arms and into our hands.

So what do we do? We want to place our hands on ourselves or on others as an act of compassion.

When we place our hands on ourselves, we are in fact saying to our own being; “I love you, all is well. I know I am in pain and discomfort, but that is okay, relax, open up, it is as it is.” This kind of act of hands-on/off healing as a manifestation of compassion helps us also to become intimate with ourselves again. This in turn helps us to heal and open up to the universal flow of love.

And we can place our hands on someone else as an extension of our compassion, to support them so that they can say the same thing to themselves. Now we start to feel intimate with them so that the universal flow of love and compassion can support them in their healing.

However, when we go deeper and deeper into our practice, we start to have the direct experience that the essential element we are touching with is not our hands, but our heart-mind. Because if our heart-mind of compassion is not in our touch, then our hands may be filled with warmth, but our touch is empty of love.

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    “…the warmth from our inner great bright light which we are laying bare through our daily meditation practice. …”

    Yes, this says it all! Thanks Frans for a lovely message.

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