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Sit back and relax as Bronwen Stiene of the International House of Reiki guides you in a musical healing journey with The Breath of Reiki and learn a little more about the system of Reiki. IHReiki developed this music video for the launch of this, their new website.

Sit back and relax as Bronwen Stiene of the International House of Reiki guides you in a musical healing journey and learn a little more about the system of Reiki. 
IHReiki developed this music video for the launch of this, their new website.

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Now watch the longer version of The Breath of Reiki  featuring Frans Stiene

Watch The Breath of Reiki on YOU TUBE

Comments 16

  1. Avatar of Bronwen Stiene
  2. Avatar of Colin Powell

    WOW! Excellent! Well done, that deserves a place in New Age charts (even though Reiki isn’t New Age!) Great visuals, sounds and groove. Nice to see Bella involved as well. I loved those science videos that done in a similar way because they appeal to a wide audience and now you have done the same for Reiki. Wonderful! X

  3. Avatar of Juri Christensen

    Go Bronwen and Frans! Breathe in – breathe out. My heart grows to envelop all. Suddenly all is gone. Even gone is gone. What to do? I close my eyes and open them anew and just… breathe in – breathe out. Thank you so much! Love and light.

  4. Avatar of Ian Stanaway
  5. Avatar of Glenn

    Amazing! Both videos are of high quality and it’s just what Reiki needs to bring it more central into the modern world.

    The new website is amazing, too!


  6. Avatar of Nicky Bridge

    Really loved this, The breath of Reiki it puts life into perspective.
    Loved the video and the music.
    I really love this site, the last 2 days your website as helped me a great deal to get back on track and move forward.  xx

  7. Avatar of cecilia benard

    Frans,Bronwen, congratulations for this great website and beautiful video.I have enjoyed all 3 Goodies and feel deeply grateful for having access to your work and teachings.Thank you both for this lovely present,cecilia

  8. Avatar of Robn Skov
  9. Avatar of Rose Jimenez

    Bronwen & Frans, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!  The videos here are excellent, wonderful, fantastic.  Congratulations on the new website. Much love to you both.

  10. Avatar of Caroline Langhorn

    Hi Frans and Bronwen, love the new website and the video is just breathtaking – so beautiful and awe-inspiring.  A big thank you for you gifts, they are both inspiring and much appreciated!

  11. Avatar of Jill

    The videos are gorgeous and inspiring!!! The new website is fabulous!!!
    Thank you both so much for the light you bring to the world!!!

  12. Avatar of Trish
  13. Avatar of Kristine Azzarello

    This is wonderful!  I think there is a music career here; Rapmaster Bronwyn with Fransy Frans!  Seriously, this is absolutely amazing and helpful and too cool!  Is that Bella self treating?

    The web site is awesome and these daily goodies are really brightening my day!


  14. Avatar of Martyn Evans

    What a fantastic video. I have been doing Reiki for 5 years and recently became a Reiki Master / Teacher. I always thought that there was still something missing and I believe that I have now found it
    Thank you

  15. Avatar of Frans Stiene

    Hi Martyn,
    Glad you like the video. Many Reiki practitioners and teachers feel that there is something missing in their practice / teachings. I personally think that what is really missing is the path of the Japanese system of Reiki. Without a clear spiritual path to follow we just drift here and there and in the end get nowhere. The path is so important. This is what we try to teach, step by step students can follow the path.
    Hope that makes sense

  16. Avatar of Sharon Lee Taylor

    What a joyous site and your music video embraces all that is wonderful in the experience of Reiki! Thank you so much for putting this wonderful video online!

    Reiki Master since 1991
    PahRahdise Ranch, Nevada

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