Getting Reiki into Hospitals with Angie Buxton-King Podcast

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      • Reiki Podcast Interview “Getting Reiki into Hospitals with Angie Buxton-King”

    Angie Buxton-King

    Angie Buxton-King

    Frans and Bronwen Stiene interview Angie Buxton-King.

    When Angie’s son, Sam, passed on from leukaemia her mission became to bring healing into hospitals and the UK NHS (National Health Service) system. She was actually the first Reiki practitioner to be employed by the NHS in the UK.

    A true Reiki pioneer, she has also written a book called The NHS Healer and created a ‘Healing in Hospitals Workshop’. Buy The NHS Healer here.

    Angie and her husband Graham, also a Reiki practitioner, have gone on to create an exciting oppportunity to help get healing into the NHS all over the UK.

    This fascinating interview includes Angie talking about:

    • Language to use in the Hospital system.
    • Her own work with the University College London Hospital.
    • Working specifically in cancer services.
    • What is expected of practitioners in hospital systems.
    • What being ‘grounded’ means.
    • The new Sam Buxton Sunflower Trust that will be employing practitioners in UK hospitals.
    • The future of healing in UK hospitals.

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