Getting Angry

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Many years ago I lived in the Himalayas for a year and while there, I heard this wonderful story about getting angry.

One ragged old yogi was walking through the mountains and happened to come upon a gathering where another yogi was teaching. The ragged old yogi listened to the teachings for a while and when the yogi who was teaching took a little break, the ragged old yogi walked up to him and said, “Your teachings stink.”

The yogi who was teaching got really angry, expressing his anger for over half an hour. When he finally stopped for a moment, the ragged old yogi said,”You see, I only said three words and you got so angry with me; this is why your teachings stink.” At that moment the yogi who had been teaching felt a huge shift and became a student of the ragged old yogi.


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  1. Avatar of Dave Rasmussen

    Simple and great.  It reminds me of the story you told us about the question “How can you tell a true Buddhist?  Hit him over the head with a plank… and see what happens.” 

    Our reaction to simple things can tell us a lot about where our mind is at!

    Thanks for sharing.

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