Frans Stiene’s Shugendo Training in French Alps

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This last week senior Reiki Teacher at the International House of Reiki, Frans Stiene, travelled from Australia to the Shômudo Shugen hermitage in the French Alps to receive teachings from the Reverend Yamabushi Priest Kûban. Reverend Kûban made this short video to show a taste of what Frans practiced during this experience. Below is a photo of one of the two waterfall practices – the second after heavy rain.

 The teachings included:

  1. TAKIGYO Mongaku Shônin process to develop Kundalini/Nenriki powers
  2. Tokogatame Kompon Zazen Hô (sitting meditation)
  3. How to do meditative walking (Toso Shugyo)
  4. How to use the mantra of Great Light (Kômyo Shingon) 

Reverend Kûban had this to say about the class:

Frans keeps researching and practicing traditional Japanese teachings to find out what Mikao Usui himself was practicing to get a deeper understanding about what the system of Reiki is really about. This will help him to become a better teacher and to support students in their undertsanding of the system of Reiki and their own personal spiritual practice.
Frans is one of the rare Reiki teachers who is undertaking these practice.


Comments 9

  1. Avatar of Shakira O'Neill

    It is a long time since I have been so deeply moved.  I was brought to my knees with humbleness and deep respect.  My eyes were full of tears – of admiration and gratitude that we have such a wonderful and humble teacher.  We are so priviledged and I am so grateful.  Thank you Frans for sharing your journey.
    Blessings Shakira

  2. Avatar of Sundar

    Frans, I’m in tears as I saw this video clip, feeling something primal… can’t put it in words. With deepest respect and love, admiration and more. Thanks much.

  3. Avatar of seema

    I watched this video so many times every time it brought tears in my eyes with love, admiration and deep respect for you , so difficult to express in words , it felt it is not from this era …and all I could do was prostrate deep in them. I felt I have seen GOD ! Feel blessed to have you as my teacher , spritual Guru and mentor . With deepest respect and love . Thank you so much

  4. Avatar of Kathleen Prasad

    I agree with everyone, this video brings tears from a very ancient and deep place. It’s as if my heart is clearly seeing your heart. Just lovely…Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us Frans. How beautiful and touching that your teacher made this video for you, that he shared so much with you, and will allow you to share it with us! How lucky we all are to have you as our teacher! I can’t wait to hear more and for you to share some practices at the retreat in October. It is so generous of you to share all of this with us, your students. Well, that’s just the kind of person and teacher you are, and it’s a great model for the rest of us to follow too:) Thank you for shining your light in the world!

  5. Avatar of Paul Guillory

    Yes! Thank you so much for sharing! It is an honor to be able to see even a glimpse of what you were able to experience. 

    Your misogi training clip brought to mind that wonderful quote from Kosho, the Shugendo Priest:
            “Rivers are blue, frogs are green, trees too are green. Don’t let this be kept from you. Trees, so that we may see them, appear ‘tree’ colored. But even if they appear ‘tree’ colored, the reality is different. Each of these is actually the same color, the same color that is no color. There’s nothing. They’re empty.” ~Kosho

  6. Avatar of Frans Stiene

    Hi All,
    Thank you for all your wonderful comments, it was a great experience.

    For me it is important as a teacher to take my own practice deeper and deeper plus to try to find out what Mikao Usui was practicing himself. It is only through this way that we can really start to see what the system of Reiki really is about.

    Love that quote Paul, thank you.

    Kathleen, I have been given permission to share some of the old Shugendo practices at the retreat, so exciting.


  7. Avatar of seema

    Frans , seeing you getting deeper in your practice gives us the inner drive and encouragement to go deeper in our practice , your students. It is one thing to say to do this and that but to be a role model by walking the talk and here we don’t even know and fully understand what system of reiki is about . It is so generous of you and your teacher to share these old teachings with us . When we see your dedication for your teachings/learning , practice in such a selfless , compassionate way , feel like taking our practice and your teachings like “prayer” as that is what it becomes , as they come from a very special place .. thank you so much.

  8. Avatar of Karren O'Sullivan

    Hi Frans,

    It is with great love & gratitude that I honor you sharing this experience with all of us as we journey together and on our own….

    Peace my teacher and friend, Karren

  9. Avatar of Stephen Swartz

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