Frans Stiene Voted Favourite Reiki Teacher of the Year 2013

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We are thrilled to announce that Frans Stiene, senior teacher at the International House of Reiki, has won the Reader’s Choice Favourite Reiki Teacher of the Year 2013.

Thank you to those who nominated him – it was a lovely surprise. And thank you to everyone who voted for him. Frans dedicates his life to being the best Reiki practitioner and teacher he can be, so this is a great pleasure for him to receive.

Thank you too to Phylomeana Lila Desy for hosting the award!

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RCA Certificate 2013 reiki

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  1. Avatar of Robyn

    Congratulations Frans
    So very well deserved!
    You continue to be a great role model for all students personal and professional practice.

  2. Avatar of Tatiana

    Congratulations France, this is great!
    But it was expected somehow, I’d say, because you ARE very good teacher 🙂

  3. Avatar of Frans Stiene
  4. Avatar of Michael

    Well done Frans, that is a well deserved recognition of your ongoing belief,  dedication and hard work. The recognition is a wonderful thing but pales into insignificance compared to the personal but real rewards that you have already achieved by practicing and teaching Reiki.
    Reiki is such a wonderful energy that everybody should be blessed enough to know and experience it.
    You have come a long way in your teachings and have spread the word far and wide. I for one am eternally grateful.
    Continue the effort and Keep up the great work. The world really needs you.

  5. Avatar of MattiT
  6. Avatar of David Bramley
  7. Avatar of Anka

    Congratulations, Frans! Thank you for all your efforts and great contribution to world’s Reiki community. Learning from you is a real pleasure. My best wishes to you and IH of Reiki.

  8. Avatar of Julie Abrahams
  9. Avatar of Elly

    Congratulations Frans! As everyone has said, so very well deserved! You have done so much to bring Reiki at its highest level to people everywhere. You’re a true inspiration!

  10. Avatar of Kris Azzarello

    Congratulations, Frans!  Very well deserved honor!  I took my first Shinpiden class with you in 2010 and have come back to resit it in 2011 and 2012 –  always learning something new and enhancing and deepening my practice!  You rock!

  11. Avatar of Lori Polevoi
  12. Avatar of Robin Child
  13. Avatar of Kathy Jordan
  14. Avatar of Bill Stevens
  15. Avatar of Sundar Kadayam
  16. Avatar of Jill Flintham

    Frans -You deserve recognition and praise.  It’s a few years since I came to your Shinpiden class in Glasgow, and a follow up the next year. The years since then have been kept alive by reiki friends and practice and very much by your continued online support, starting with podcasts, then excellent articles, then blogs. They are inspiring and always, for me! seem to have an answer there somewhere when I need one. Just tuning in I suppose !
    Thank you and CONGTATULATIONS.

  17. Avatar of Frans Stiene

    Hi All,
    Thank you all for your wonderful comments. Great to see some of the older student here as well, so good to stay in touch with each other. You are all a great inspiration for me as I always learn so much in the classes. I think we are all sharers on the path.

  18. Avatar of Monique

    Congratulations Frans!  An award truly well deserved. Thank you for your commitment and dedication to being such a wonderful Reiki Teacher!!!

  19. Avatar of Helen Eales
  20. Avatar of Ellen Bloomfield Nemoyten

    Congratulations, Frans! You really deserve this award! (I voted for you) you’re a great teacher, an amazing person!
    Love, Ellen

  21. Avatar of Erich Hepp
  22. Avatar of Sharon Yeskel

    Congratulations, Frans. Can’t say I’m surprised. You are a gifted teacher. Your classes are inspiring and fun. I always walk away with a deeper appreciation for Reiki and my Reiki practice.

  23. Avatar of Ineke Blakeman

    An acknowledgment of the number of lives your inspired reiki teaching has touched. You are like the proverbial pebble thrown into the pond. Congratulations!

  24. Avatar of Stephen Swartz
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  26. Avatar of Russell Haskins

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