Frans Stiene interviewed by Tanja Živković about the system of Reiki.

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    AT last a place to send my thoughts to you. I just finished a 5 day retreat on Dzogchen level of Tibetan Buddhism We reviewed the 10th chapter of A treasure trove of scriptual transmission There one can learn the nature of mind .the nature of reality and how to relate to others This is a deep deep dive into who is healing what is healing and what is the result of using ones mind. It was online so I did not have to pay for a hotel. I think this will help my reiki practice immensely and anyone who is interested in developing their ability to contact their buddha nature which is definitely healing for oneself and others Of course the teacher was a very experienced enlighted practitioner himself. I could feel his energy when we had a mind to mind connection He has trained for many lifetimes in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition which then went to Japan wishing you all the best in your work and development

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