Frans Stiene featured in a newsletter for the Cohen Children’s Medical Centre

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The Peaceful Sound of “A”
A Guest Post by Connie Korol/CCMC Reiki Master

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Frans Stiene featured in a newsletter for the Cohen Children’s Medical Centre 3

During my first few seconds with him I was star-struck. Then during the powerful next seconds with him, I was embraced in this big bear hug. Frans Stiene is a tall Dutch “well kept” man that could easily be intimidating. But no. His smile and energy were as humble as can be. I was surprised for a quick moment and then I realized, this is exactly the meaning of Reiki Energy.

I had the pleasure of attending the Frans Stiene Workshop this past week in Huntington, NY. This was very special to me. Frans Stiene is a part of my practice lineage in the Usui Reiki teachings. He taught my mentors. Stiene found Reiki healing for himself at a young age to treat his back pain and ailment as he exhausted other treatments with no relief. He knew he had to bring great awareness to this powerful type of intervention and to live a life that equally incorporated it into his daily routine. He is a student of a Japanese priest, an author of seven books on Reiki to date, a world traveler, and Reiki educator as well as a very funny man!

My three key takeaways that anyone can easily add to their daily lives for peace include:

Smile. Wake up with a smile, greet others with a smile, be present with your smile. Engage in conversation with strangers, talk with your friends, peace starts within and then it can be shared.
Be open. With the many stories he shared in a short two-hour timeframe, this one in particular is something that any NY’er that has been on the subway can appreciate. While visiting on the subway, he sat and looked around at all the riders in a very similar posture…. SLUMPED OVER! Totally guarded, hood over the head, “Don’t Look at Me” stance. So, he sat upright with a big smile on his face and started to talk to others around him. At first no move, but eventually the energy shifted, the postures changed, and there was laughter and smiles. Be open, be open to give love and light, be open to receive love and light.

Chant. This one really impacted me as a Reiki Master/Teacher who has been using and teaching primarily with hands and using tuning forks, music frequencies and sound bowls as add-ons. Before Stiene went into a twenty-minute total body vibration chant in Japanese, he reminded us just how effective the human voice can be. He chanted the five precepts of Reiki,
Just for today, do not be angry, do not worry.
Just for today, be humble.
Just for today, be honest in your work.
Just for today, be compassionate to yourself and others.

For those who are not fluent in Japanese, as a daily practice, we can simply just chant the letter “A” making the sound from our belly going up our heart and throat chakras out from our mouth and it can be equally as impactful.

As we dive into May’s Mental Health Awareness Month, I encourage you to try a complimentary Reiki session if you have not done so already. You can find me and my wonderful team in the Serenity Suite offering Reiki to staff and family caregivers five days a week. You will find out what the system of Reiki can do for you.

To learn more about Frans Stiene and his new Book “The Way of Reiki”, visit his founding organization International House of Reiki’s website at or Instagram @stienefrans. You can follow our holistic team on Instagram @the_holistic_pause for CCMC’s holistic wellness updates.”
– Constance Korol, BS (Health Education)

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