Frans Stiene Chanting the Fudo Myoo Mantra

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Frans Stiene is chanting the Japanese esoteric mantra of Fudō Myōō 不動明王, which helps you to burn away all the things you do not need anymore. Sit back and let the power of the mantra guide you into your own inner fire in which you can burn away your unwanted issues. For more information about Frans his chanting:

Music created by Liam Reed using the Japanese scale called Hirajoshi. To contract Liam for music productions visit his website:

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  1. Avatar of Pam Morris

    Thank You Frans. If anyone is thinking about doing this course do it. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Got rid of some internal rubbish. Frans is funny, goofy but dedicated to teaching, and shares his knowledge well. You will meet like minded people as well. Look forward to meeting again in the future at one of his retreats.
    Can’t recommend him enough.

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