‘Focus’ and the System of Reiki

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When we get angry or worried we immediately lose focus; focus of the present moment, and focus of who we really are.

Within Okuden Reiki Level II, distinct tools are taught to further your spiritual self development. One of these works directly with your ability to focus; it is the first symbol and mantra. By utilizing this tool a distracted mind becomes more focused.

In the Japanese system of Reiki, focus is the characteristic of the first symbol and mantra. To understand why this is so, we first need to take a closer look at the system of Reiki and its elements.

The foundation of the system, and one of its five main elements, are the Reiki precepts.

For Today Only:
Do not Anger
Do not Worry 
Be Grateful
Be True to Your Way and Your Being
Be Compassionate to Yourself and Others

To apply the precepts is not as easy as it may sound. It is not just an attunement, a two day Reiki course, or, even, just hands-on healing on ourselves that gives us a deeper understanding of these precepts. It is a life long practise in which we need the aid of all the other four elements of the system. These are meditation, hands on healing, symbols and mantras, and the reiju/attunement.

For example, let’s say that we become worried during our meditation practice because we aren’t feeling anything or not what we expect to feel. This worry is distracting and leads us to lose focus on the practice itself.

Fortunately, the system of Reiki has provided us with the first symbol and mantra as a tool to refocus again, bringing us back to what we are really doing, meditating. The more we use this tool to refocus when we become distracted in our practise (or in our daily life!), the easier it becomes. Then one day we will find that we can stay focused without the need for the tool at all. It is at this time that we can then let the tool go.

Now let’s look at how we might possibly lose focus while performing a Reiki Treatment on someone. You gently place your hands on the person and suddenly fear overwhelms you. Your fear might be that you are taking on your client’s issues, or that you are unable to help at all. All of these thoughts are distractions. You are losing focus on what it is that you are doing at this exact moment in time – a Reiki treatment.

Does it matter if you become distracted during a treatment?

Think of it in this way. If you are distracted as a Reiki practitioner, is your energy still clear? Of course not, your energy will also be distracted. If your mind goes all over the place, the energy will also scatter. At this time, you can once again work with that first symbol and mantra. Yes, it is not for the client, it is for you! To help you re-focus again. By utilizing this tool you focus your attention and you remain undistracted.

When undistracted, the energy will also flow undistracted, and therefore a deeper healing is possible.

To paraphrase this entire article:
The first symbol and mantra is a tool to help us stay focused in order that our mind remains undistracted, and, thus, the energy will also flow in an undistracted manner.

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  2. Avatar of Frans Stiene

    Hi Patsy,
    The symbols and mantras are keys to unlock what is hidden within ourself, this is why level II is called Okuden, which means inner teachings. The okuden teachings help us to discover what is hidden within us.

    Focus is so important, we could also use another word for this, mindfulness.


  3. Avatar of Lagan

    Most definitely the Reiki Symbols and Mantras help me stay focused during Reiki whether it is self treatments or with clients.  Drawing them or just visualising them makes me more present, less worried and concerned and more focused.

  4. Avatar of Patricia Eriksen

    This was so good for me to read. I will remember to use the first symbol and jumon when I am becoming distracted during a meditation or during a session. Thank you!

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