Energy Follows the Mind

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If our mind is all over the place our energy also is all over the place.

As energy follows the mind, it is of utmost importance to make sure that when we practice the system of Reiki, our mind is focused, clear, open, and expanded. A focused, clear, open, expanded mind means that our energy is also focused, clear, open, and expanded.

In many of his teachings, Mikao Usui also pointed out that energy follows the mind.

The precepts are a perfect example of this:

Today only
Do not anger
Do not worry
Be grateful
Be true to your way and your true self
Show compassion to yourself and others

For today really means in the present moment. Keeping our mind in the present moment helps us to let go of a lot of our anger and worry, because often we are angry and worried about something which happened in the past. Being grateful is having an open expanded state of mind so that we can accept things as they are, without judging or getting angry and worried about them. This in turn will create a more compassionate state of mind. We all know that we can kind of feel this in people’s energy. If an angry person walks into a room, often we can feel this; it is tangible in their energy. If a happy person walks into the room, often we can feel this as well; their happy energy touches our heart and we start to feel joyful ourselves.

Precepts also mean instructions: by giving us signposts for how to create a calm, grateful, compassionate state of mind, the precepts are instructing us how to perform hands-on/off healing. This thus means that Mikao Usui was teaching us to let go of all our anger and worry, to be grateful, to be organic – true to our way and our true self – and to be compassionate during a session. He knew that if our mind is not in the right place, our energy also is not in the right place. This in turn means that if our mind is not in the right place, our hands-on/off healing session also is not in the right place. If our energy is infused with anger and worry, and not infused with gratefulness, being organic, and having compassion, it’s almost as if our session is taking place in the room with the angry person we mentioned above, not the happy person.

Another practice which points out that energy follows the mind is hatsurei-ho. It is a meditation practice which helps us to become more focused, clear, open, and expanded. Mikao Usui placed this within his system to help us to calm our mind and energy so that when we want to support others in their healing journey, we can do this in a clear, open state of mind and energy.

The symbols are yet another tool to calm our mind and energy. When we get distracted by the past, present, and future, we can focus on the symbols so that our mind gets focused again on what we are doing. This in turn will make our energy more focused. Hon sha ze sho nen is pointing clearly to a clear state of mind: literally hon sha ze sho nen translates as “my true nature is right mindfulness.”

Mikao Usui placed all of these pointers within his teachings because he knew that to help others, to be compassionate to others, we need to have the right mindfulness within ourselves – first being compassionate to ourselves – because energy follows the mind.

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  1. Avatar of liesl

    Frans I keep wondering about the ‘do not’. Our mind doesn’t ‘hear’ that acc. to NLP
    Could we just say/feel
    be without anger and worry

    Just wondering.

  2. Avatar of Bronwen Stiene

    Hi Liesl,

    Do not, is about looking at our anger. Do not, sheds light on our anger so that we can do something about it. If we are angry and we are ignorant that we are angry than we can not do anything about it.


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