Embodying the Precepts

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The real outcome of following a spiritual practice is embodying it in all you do.

This embodiment is about inner happiness and joy. The more we are feeling this inner happiness and joy within ourselves, the more it starts to overflow into all we do, into our daily life. This is the real essence of a spiritual practice.

Within the system of Reiki we have the precepts:

Do not anger
Do not worry
Be grateful
Be true to your way and your being
Show compassion to yourself and others

Therefore the real outcome of practicing the system of Reiki is the embodiment of the precepts in our daily life.

Last week I was at an African dancing and drumming camp, my first attempt at African dancing. So it was not easy; there were difficult steps, a high fitness level was needed, and we spent about 4 hours a day actively practicing. Everybody tried, and all felt that the outcome was well worth the effort. In the same way, even if it is hard and sometimes we feel we want to quit, we still can try as much as possible to embody the precepts.

The age group at the camp was between 15 and 65 years. When I got back home I got two messages from fellow students who had been at the camp, one a 15 year old and the other a 19 year old:

“Frans it has been an absolute delight having you around with that positive energy, and seeing you every second doing your little happy dances or singing a tune made me think you’re the happiest man I know.”

“Your energy and enthusiasm was absolutely infectious.”

These messages made me aware that we need to embody the precepts in our daily life again and again because when we do, not only do we help ourselves, but we also become an example for others. By being an example for others, they might want to start following a spiritual practice so that they can find and feel that inner happiness and joy within themselves. Therefore, by embodying our spiritual practice in our daily life we are spreading happiness, joy, and compassion through the whole world.

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