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kris I’ve been contemplating the Year of the Dragon opening and ending ceremonies held by Frans Stiene of the International House of Reiki. I’ve needed a bit of time to fully imbibe the richness of both. I thought I’d share some of that richness (quite frankly, the riches are still revealing themselves to me daily).

Let me back up a bit to the time preceding the opening ceremony of the Year of the Dragon. In the four months leading up to that evening, three of my cats died (two were elderly, but one, was three years old and adored the older cats, dying 10 days after they did), was bitten by a spider and had a severe allergic reaction where I badly blistered all over and tore something in my knee. One the day of the opening ceremony, I was recovering from bronchitis. It was an inauspicious start of a new year.

I found during the opening ceremony of the year of the Dragon, despite being physically weak, I experienced a deep reservoir of strength inside. It felt ancient and ageless, lying dormant, biding its time before erupting, like some forgotten volcano suddenly emerging from a long sleep. Instead of destructive fire, lava and ash, this eruption released cleansing, purification and healing. I felt one with the dragon and everyone and everything. I felt alive, pulsing, awake, aware. Every cell went through a metamorphosis; the old no longer needed and effortlessly left behind, the new, vibrant, radiant life force creating a new me. New, yet ancient. Nothing lost, everything gained.

I went on from that experience healing quickly from the bronchitis. My knee, which the doctors said would need surgery to heal, healed with the assistance of acupuncture, yoga and Reiki. The doctors agreed that no surgery was needed. I dealt with several deep disappointments with more ease and grace and less pain and angst. The strength of the dragon helped me release more and forgive more. The strength of the dragon also rose up to confront an injustice in the workplace. I stood up to the person, without anger but with strength and courage. I expected nothing in return, the act itself was enough. And the result of the action actually turned out positively.

As we bade the Year of the Dragon farewell, I felt a wink from her, although she retreats from so visible a position, she is very much alive and awake and with me. With all of us. I felt the gentle easing from Dragon to Snake a lovely dance; gently swaying and shifting into the Water Snake. Water Snake, strong, transformative, shedding layers of thought and feeling and being. Without the fire of the dragon, but with the depth and strength of the sea. Quietly, transforming all, basking in the warmth of the dragon.

I was born in the Year of the Snake, and in fact, the Year of the Water Snake. I feel the sway of change, of awakening. Not just for me, but for all of us. Don’t fear the change.

Kristine Azzarello is a Shinpiden graduate of the International House of Reiki and a member of SARA.


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