Does Reiki still flow while I am asleep?

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Here’s this week’s Reiki question.

Q: If I am giving myself Reiki as I go to sleep at night in bed, does the Reiki still flow after I’m asleep?

A: You would need to look at your understanding of what Reiki is first. Our understanding is that Reiki is the energy of everything… and if that ain’t flowing – there’s trouble!

BUT when we work with Reiki, we are working consciously with this energy. It is this strength of intent that allows more energy to flow through us, to move energy which may be stagnant or less flowing than in other areas. This concept is at the base of what we do when we work with Reiki practices and techniques.

So, when you fall asleep, your energy is still flowing as it was before but the actual Reiki practices and techniques that you might have been using prior to sleep lack the clarity of intention that you had when you were awake.

The stronger the intention the more effective Reiki will be.

Have you also noticed when you work with Reiki that the body appears to be only able to absorb a certain amount of energy? It appears to draw the energy in a cyclical fashion.

For this reason, technically, a two-hour Reiki treatment may be as effective as a one-hour treatment.

So, even if you desire the energy to be drawn through your body all night, or wish to hold the intent that your body continues to draw energy, your body will simply take what it needs at any given time – no more, no less.

And, as mentioned before, your intent (the strength behind your Reiki practice) will no longer be focussed once you leave the world of consciousness and head into the misty realms of dreamland

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