Do I need insurance if I am a Reiki practitioner?

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This week’s question from our website was the following…

Q: Do I need insurance if I am a Reiki practitioner?

A: A lot of people ask this question and it depends upon whether you are working professionally or not.

If you are working on yourself – then definitely NO – unless you plan on suing yourself.

If you are working on friends and family then you probably don’t.

If you are receiving money for treatments or are working as a volunteer doing treatments then you would be considered to be a professional practitioner and insurance becomes a requirement. You never know what might happen – your client could trip over the table leg or choke on a biscuit and you will end up with a very large bill indeed.

To get insurance as a professional practitioner you will need to follow Codes of ethics and practice. When you are a member of a Reiki association you can use their Codes. Most insurance companies will already have a connection with your local Reiki association. This is just one good reason to join a Reiki association! 

We recommend Shibumi International Reiki Association.

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