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It is interesting to see how, the deeper I go within my own practice of the system of Reiki, my own way of thinking changes. I used to say to people who asked for distance healing, “I am sending it to you” or “On the way” just to name two. But over time this started to feel strange to me because I felt that the people who I was working with were not different from me and I not different from them. They were not somewhere else separate from me; in fact I felt them deep inside my heart-mind.

This feeling that we are not separate comes from slowly starting to embody the inner teachings of the system of Reiki. Over time we might even have a deep experience of non-duality. This means that we also have to change our wording so that it can match our direct experience.  

For me “sending Reiki” or “Reiki is on the way” has therefore morphed into the phrase; “Holding you in my Heart-Mind”. Heart from a Japanese perspective is also mind; they are not two different things.

If we realize that our heart-mind is open like space, then we also realize that all our hearts-minds are interconnected already. There is no need to send anything, just to remember the interconnectedness with the other person and with all that is. And in this interconnectedness of our heart-mind, we can set our intent that the person takes from this interconnectedness what he/she needs. We are not “sending”, any more than the other person is “receiving”. We are just focusing on and holding the person in our heart-mind with love and kindness, in the open space we all inhabit together.

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