Discovering Your Own Innate Healing Power

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A real practitioner or teacher isn’t doing the healing for you. Instead she creates a space in which you can rediscover your own innate healing power.

Real healing is about rediscovering your own innate power. Often we give this power away to a practitioner or a teacher. We start to rely on them. They will make us better, or they will do some magical ritual and suddenly we are enlightened. But we all know that this is just an illusion; it doesn’t work that way. Often we want it that way because it means we do not have to do anything at all; the practitioner or the teacher will do the hard work for us. However, it is a lazy way out and this kind of thinking leaves us un-empowered. 

A real practitioner or teacher helps us to find that innate power within us again. She will teach us how to empower ourselves, and how to discover what we have forgotten, our own innate healing power.

However, if the practitioner or teacher doesn’t know how to access his own innate healing power, then it will be very difficult for him to help us to rediscover ours. 

But what is this innate healing power in the first place? 

The real innate healing power is our True Self in its fullest, because in this state we are so open and expanded, like space. And thus we have a tremendous amount of free flowing energy. 

When we remember our True Self, our mind has become clear like a mirror. Thus the practitioner or teacher holds up the mirror of her True Self and therefore we can see very clearly our own True Self in the reflection. But if the mirror is dusty with attachments, ego, worry, anger, fear, then we can not see anything at all. We might just get a small glimmer of our True Self, of our own innate power to heal ourselves, but that is it. Thus it is of utmost importance that the practitioner or teacher makes sure the mirror of their own mind is crystal clear. Else there is nothing to show.

When the mirror is not clear, a practitioner or teacher might even start to enforce in us the codependent idea that only he or she can do it for you. It might even feel as if they take your power away, instead of empowering you.

Thus the clearer the practitioner or teacher’s mind is, the clearer the space she can create – a clear space in which we can remember our own innate healing power.

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