Demystifying Reiki in the Mainstream Healthcare System Podcast

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  • Reiki Podcast Interview “Demystifying Reiki in the Mainstream Healthcare System”


Claudia Bonney

Frans and Bronwen Stiene interview UK Reiki practitioner Claudia Bonney who, while having a private practice also initially worked as a volunteer in hospices and a cancer clinic before becoming a fully paid professional Reiki practitioner in the UK healthcare system, the NHS.

Claudia’s personal experience of working in both the private and public sector allow her to intelligently discuss the differences between both environments, helping Reiki practitioners to work successfully in both areas.

Claudia is passionate about integrating the system of Reiki into the mainstream healthcare system. She tells how 60% of patients do not tell their doctors that they are interested in alternative and complimentary therapies as they are frightened as to what their doctors might say. This leads into the new breed of doctors that Claudia believes are emerging today and the role that she plays in educating them.

She talks about:

  • Demystifying the system of Reiki.
  • How Reiki practitioners need to adapt to their environment.
  • How in hospitals you are approaching clients rather than them approaching you.
  • The lack of control practitioners experience in hospitals.
  • Dealing with people in pain and discomfort.
  • The benefits of being down-to-earth in a hospital environment.
  • The various sensations a practitioner and client feel and how to explain them to a client.
  • Some excellent hints on how to approach hospices and hospitals to become involved as a Reiki practitioner.
  • How she is currently giving talks to 3rd year undergraduate medical students about how the system of Reiki works and its benefits for patients and the general healthcare system.

Claudia was financially supported in her work as a professional Reiki practitioner in the mainstream health care system by the Sam Buxton Sunflower healing Trust.

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  1. Avatar of Julie Anderson

    Great interview. Thank you Claudia.  Encouraging to hear how another practitioner is working along side the medical staff.  I also volunteered at our local Hospice for 3 years.  My aim was to create a need for Complementry Therapy with the focus on it becoming a paid position.  In Febuary this year myself, the nursing director and the medical director went to the Board of Trustees with a proposal for 5 contracted hours a week.  The response was very positive and they thought we didnt ask for enough hours.  Their answer was a YES and they gave $5000 more than we had asked for.
    I would encourage anyone with a passion to help others who are facing health issues to become involved and offer Reiki. 
    Like Claudia I have seen some amazing outcomes especially with pain, and helping to lift low moods.
    Keeping up a personal practise is very important. It keeps the practitioner grounded and in the space of oneness which is so important not only for the practitioner but also for the patient.  🙂 Julie

  2. Avatar of Kelly McDermott-Burns

    Great work Claudia!  This is so inspiring! This year I have been working with my local hospital to begin a Reiki volunteer program.  We are beginning this month, starting in the ICU with expansion into other areas after we have worked out all the bugs. I have been working toward this for years and had almost given up. 🙂 Patience and perseverence, plus a few wonderfully supportive and knowledgable hospital staff(one Reiki III) have finally brought this dream to reality.  I cannot stress enough the importance of groundedness and clarity in communicating about Reiki to the medical community.

  3. Avatar of Bronwen Stiene

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