The Deeper Meaning of the Word Reiki

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One literal translation of Reiki is spiritual energy or universal energy. We suggest that Reiki may have another meaning – one that does not stem from a literal translation but rather from one’s direct experience.

When we practice the various elements that comprise the system of Reiki we utilize spiritual energy (Reiki). Practitioners are surprised when they discover in their practice that different stages exist within this spiritual energy. A path is unearthed and those who conscientiously practice the elements of the system of Reiki gradually see where it is heading.

To tap into this spiritual energy, in it’s completeness, is to have arrived at the advanced stages of our personal spiritual practice. To paraphrase the experience of receiving the full effect of Reiki actually means to achieve satori*.

At this stage all our ordinary perceptions are transformed and we realise our true potential as human beings.

Attaining this enlightened state of mind and becoming pure light is the ultimate goal of a Reiki practice. This is reflected by the mantra and kanji (symbol) that are practiced at the third and final level of the system. The mantra literally translated from the Japanese means ‘great bright light’. So the goal is to become this great bright light by achieving a state of non-duality or satori.

As practitioners we say we channel Reiki but in effect we only tap into a small amount of this spiritual energy until our energy has become strong enough to channel pure spiritual energy. In other articles about the system we have said that we are Reiki or spiritual energy. Yes, fundamentally we are Reiki but as long as our true realization of this state is limited then so too is our ability.

To achieve satori[[Satori means Enlightenment]] may take years and years of practice and there is no shortcut by means of using secret symbols or mantras. What is required though is perseverance and the right understanding of how to work with the basic elements of the system of Reiki.

Without this right understanding we just fumble about in the dark never reaching the great bright light. So it is necessary to go back to the roots of the system and practice with the tools as Usui sensei intended us to.

 In conclusion, we may not channel the completeness of Reiki, but we do practice a system called Reiki. And, when we finally become the great bright light we will still not say that we channel the completeness of Reiki as, once achieved, such statements no longer hold importance.

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