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Reiki for Beauty Therapists

This is from an article written by Bronwen and Frans Stiene for Refresh – an industry-based Beauty Therapists magazine.

Bringing balance into our lives is the most effective way to get the best out of life. The system of Reiki centers on bringing the body back into balance. This is a Japanese technique from the early 1900’s created by Mikao Usui. The word can be translated as either ‘spiritual energy’ or ‘universal energy’. The first level is taught over a two-day period and has dual competencies; the student may use it on clients (in conjunction with other therapies) and on the self as a personal development tool.

The purpose of a Reiki treatment is to re-align and bring the body into a natural balance physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The energy washes down through the body clearing energetic obstructions and strengthening the flow of this energetic ‘river’, or the meridians. Therefore, there are similarities between the system of Reiki and other therapies such as acupuncture. The differences are that this system does not manipulate the energy or body, is not intrusive and is an extremely simple technique that anyone can learn and use in complete safety.

A client will find that Reiki works on many levels. This system is not diagnostic and does not aim to achieve specific results. It is believed that the client’s body is always in survival mode and will therefore draw the energy where he/she needs it rather than where the practitioner believes it is beneficial. This is why the practitioner cannot harm the client, as it the client’s body that is in control of what is energetically happening.

To be aligned or balanced sounds wonderful but what does it mean for the client? Initially, one moves into a deep, restful space and may or may not actually sense the energy according to one’s sensitivity. Benefits of this ‘giving over’ to the energy may be clarity of thought, renewed physical strength, calmness, reduced stress levels, a sense of connectedness as well as the easing of conditions such as insomnia, depression and addiction. True relaxation is reflected in one’s face after a Reiki treatment. Stress tightens the muscles and skin and when we relax we look and feel years younger.

Clients do not need to remove any clothing during a treatment and hands are placed either on or just off the body. Practitioners are taught to channel energy from around them through their bodies and out through their hands. The client then draws on this energy. This means that the practitioner does not use his/her own energy and feels refreshed afterwards rather than exhausted. In fact the practitioner is receiving a treatment at the same time as the client –making it beneficial for all involved.

To practise this system it is necessary to learn from a Reiki teacher (often called a Reiki Master). It is possible to integrate Reiki into any health or beauty modality once the practitioner has completed the first level of the 3-part system. If the practitioner wished to work solely with the system of Reiki then it would be suggested that the practitioner complete the second level of the system and join a student clinic to build experience with the energy and on-on-one client skills. The third level of the system continues the practitioner’s own personal development and may be used to begin studying toward becoming a Reiki teacher.

Clients today are more interested in spirituality and well-being than ever before. To be able to bring these elements into the traditional clinic environment of a salon or spa, a special atmosphere is created. Clients today expect ‘Holistic’ treatments. This meaning that they wish to be pampered from every direction including the more mystical and spiritual paths.

It is exciting for clients to know that when they come for a treatment there is likely to be a new element added to the more traditional salon and spa techniques. If a client knows that the practitioner is continually upgrading their knowledge and abilities then the client will also feel confident in such capable hands.

The International House of Reiki is run by the founding directors Reiki Master/Teachers Frans and Bronwen Stiene. This International Reiki centre prides itself on its professionalism, student support systems and strong ethics.

Frans and Bronwen’s open, informal style of teaching has been an inspiration for students and clients throughout Europe, Asia and Australia. Their research book, The Reiki Sourcebook, is due out in December 2003. Frans and Bronwen have traveled to Japan to research Reiki and teach a traditional Japanese form of Reiki.

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