Compassion, Clarity, and Energy

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Our True Self is like a beautiful luminous light which has many inherent qualities. But as our True Self is beyond words, it is easier to use metaphors to understand what our True Self really is all about. Therefore, to explore some of the qualities of our True Self, we will use the image of a bright light bulb.


Compassion is the warmth we feel in our heart when we are kind to ourselves and others. This warmth is like the warmth you feel when you touch a bright light bulb which has been on for a while. The closer you put your hand towards the light, the warmer it gets. The closer we come to laying bare the heart of our True Self, the more compassionate warmth will emanate from our whole being. We can utilise this compassion to create a better world for ourselves and others. 


A bright light brings clarity. If we try to find something in a dark room, it will be difficult. But as soon as we switch on the light, the room becomes bright and therefore we can find what we are looking for more easily. This is the same with our innate light which emanates from our True Self. This light gives us clarity – not just clarity on how to live a healthy life, but also clarity on how to be compassionate to ourselves and others. Each person is an individual and therefore needs a different kind of compassionate action. Without the brightness of clarity, we will stumble around in the dark, not knowing what to do and what kind of compassion to share with others.


The bright light bulb needs energy to be bright. No energy no light; it is as simple as that. Thus the more we lay bare our True Self, the more we start to reconnect to our free flowing energy within our whole being. This energy we can use for our daily tasks of working, of caring for, relating to, or being with family, and of just being in this world. But this energy also can be used for helping others lay bare their innate compassion, clarity, and energy.

When we look at compassion, clarity, and energy we see that they are not separate components at all; they all are intertwined. In fact, one can not be there without the other. For example, the heat of compassion can not be there without energy, and the same is true for clarity. If we try to separate these three components, it will be like trying to separate wetness from water; it is impossible. 

This therefore means that our True Self is compassion, clarity, and energy, and this realisation comes through our mind. Thus we now can say that our True Self is a state of mind which is full of compassion, clarity, and energy.

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