Cincinnati 2011 Shinpiden Reiki Level III

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Frans Stiene of the International House of Reiki taught a Shinpiden Reiki Level III course in Cincinnati in June 2011 at Grailville. Here are some pictures of all the action.  shinpiden 35
The Shinpiden class readying themselves for an amazing long weekend.

shinpiden 12
Frans siging a book between teaching classes.

shinpiden 25
Enjoying lunch at Grailville!

shnipiden 21 shinpiden 28
Frans as the student.

shinpiden 33
All smiles.

shinpiden 40 shinpiden 42 shinpiden 43
shinpiden 44
Sneaking cookies?

Group Photo

Some class reactions:

I have had many initiations from Zen to the Freemasons but none has taken me to where this weekend has. I always knew Reiki was a spiritual path, I feel I am on that path. Jeff Emerson – USA

Thank you isn’t sufficient. Julie Keefe – USA

Your class has been even more than I hoped for. Linda Chruch – USA

There was a deep yearning in my heart for this information. I was not aware that all this was related to my Reiki practice. Linda Suter – USA

Thank you so much for a wonderful and enlightened weekend. I look forward to our next meeting! I will be practicing! Barbara Rubin – USA

Your confirmation of allowing my energy to be expanded all the time was your gift to me. To continue on my path and know to trust my intuition in my life’s journey. Thank you for touching my life. Dr Pamela Fischer – USA

You are an amazing Reiki teacher. I feel that I have learned new things and i feel that I have new energy. Rosemary Gauck – USA

You have answered many questions – some I didn’t even know I had – you have given me reason to continue to go deeper into my practice. Linda Neff – USA

You’ve filled in all the spiritual gaps, and have given me some lofty goals to reach. Kim Lunay – USA

Reiki is much better without all the complicated BS. Don Pack – USA

Thank you very much for everything you have done for me and guiding me to continue the journey in your guidance. Mira Shukla – USA

You are an inspiration to me. Sundar Kadayam – USA

Your style of teaching is so much fun, while being incredibly deep and serious, making it easier to open up and fully experience your teachings.Sarah Dailey – USA

I just wanted to thank you for your teachings and your bright, happy spirit. The Reiki III class in April was so amazing and has had a profound effect on my daily experience of life.
Focusing on the precepts… and the symbols… and the mantras, meditating, practicing the attunements, walking outside and feeling so connected, viewing each person that I interact with as Source and the Great Bright Light, breathing and expanding, breathing and widening back…. Each moment is so very wonderful. so peaceful, so joyful. Cristi – USA

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  1. Avatar of Frans Stiene

    Hi All,

    What a wonderful group we had.
    So nice to meet all the new people and also so nice to see all the re-sitters again.
    Isn’t it an amazing journey.


  2. Avatar of Denyce Peyton

    Your teachings represent the missing pieces of my “understanding the system of Reiki” jigsaw puzzle. Frans’ presentation is so simple because he offers teachings in a free, unencumbered way, yet the information drives deep to the spiritual nature of this healing system. The precepts, “be true to your Way and Being” resound in your Shinpiden teachings.

    With much gratitude,
    Denyce Peyton

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