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Little Hands, Bright Light

A beautiful children’s Reiki book written by IHReiki Shinpiden graduate Paul Guillory.

Here’s the story…

Little Hands, Bright light is about the journey of Ken and Mari – a small boy and his older sister – as they discover the world of energy healing. Equipped only with love for their ailing grandparent, the two quickly learn how simple and yet profound energy healing can be. Set in Japan in the early 1900s, the story has a wonderful cultural feel while simultaneously sharing timeless concepts that can be appreciated by anyone, anywhere. Whether enjoyed independently or as shared-reading experience, Ken and Mari’s is a journey anyone can follow – whether young or old, small or big.

Hello Everyone,

My name is Paul and I am truly grateful for this opportunity to tell you about a book that has just been published. It is called Little Hands, Bright Light and it was created as a means to present the system of Reiki in the simplest way – one that a child may understand. At the heart of the story is a young boy discovering the practice of Reiki. Like so many of us, he learns that the root of practice is compassion. Although the book was created as a children’s story, it is my hope that adults find it meaningful and enjoyable as well.

With Deepest Aloha,

Available at: (hard copy only)ir?t=internatihous 20&l=as2&o=1&a=1481740717

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  1. Avatar of seema

    Hi Paul,
    Congratulations on your book. It is really wonderful !
    Wish you all the best for your future and wish you keep progressing in what ever you do. Indeed it is great to have book for little kids on introducing the their inner brightness. I will buy your book for my son.

  2. Avatar of Paul Guillory

    Thank you so much Seema! I am truly honored.

    Thank you also to Frans and Bronwen for your kindness and support. Words cannot fully express my gratitude.

    With Deepest Aloha

  3. Avatar of Elly

    Hi Paul! Thank heavens, a Reiki book for children at last! Great title, and the story sounds wonderful. I’m looking forward to receiving my copy from Amazon!

  4. Avatar of Paul
  5. Avatar of seema

    Hi Paul,
    I received the book few days back my son liked it. I also loved the pictures and illustrations .I have Shared the book with parents of my small group of kids who.come for meditation.
    Good wishes for every thing

  6. Avatar of Cynthia

    Hi Paul,

    Thank you & Ashley for a lovely way to introduce concepts at the heart of Reiki.  I bought three more copies to share with family and friends.


  7. Avatar of Paul
  8. Avatar of Paul
  9. Avatar of Seema

    Hi Paul,

    just wanted to leave a quick thank you note here—

    One of my students 8 year old daughter is also my little student , I teach her meditations .

    Her mother told few days ago that every night she reads your book and tell her parents that she wants to give them “healing” and she place her little hands on them for Reiki.

    I thought you would love hearing this as much as I did 🙂

    Thanks for your book



  10. Avatar of Kathleen Traylor

    Your book is still making the rounds! I bought the book on Amazon last year and read it with my 11 year old grandson, who wants to be a healer. It’s beautifully written! Loved every word. And so did my grandson. We’ve revisited it several times since then. Thank you for such a lovely gift.

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