Chant the Reiki Precepts with Frans Stiene

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    Dear Frans,

    Thank you for sharing this !

    Chanting is a very common practise found in the Japanese culture.
    Basically, the goal of chanting is to collect the energies and teachings that are locked within the words ( or kanji , when writing or copying ) and attune ourselves to this frequency.

    This too happens when i recite my Buddhist sutra. The meaning and essence of the teachings are present and by chanting , we can become one with these. and after some time this message, teaching will sink in and become a part of us and ultimately, we then become the teaching.

    The same applies for this chanting, when done on regular basis, a Reiki practitioner will find himself at some point becoming the precepts, naturally.

    What i like particular about this clips is the way you chant it, very powerful yet with tranquility.

    Needless to say, i can only recommend this to anyone involved with Reiki .

    In Gasshô ,

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    I love to chant as I have Frans Primordial CD, which I have been using with my animal work. Animals love the earthy powerful sound that comes from Frans voice. When you sit with an animal and chant the earth ki chant with Frans, the vibrational energy left behind after it stops playing vibrates into every part of their very soul. You can literally feel the energy in the air. I found this chant however to be very thought provoking in prompting me to think about each precept and to focus my mind on each one. Initially the language seemed quite complex but after a while it flowed beautifully as I become one with the sound of the Japanese flute. It is very comforting to know that even though there is a great distance between myself and Frans in terms of living in different countries that when we chant together there is ‘oneness’.

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    Thank you Richard. I know you like your Buddhist chanting too. I think there are many hidden elements within these chants, like within the precepts, which as you say, we can unlock by reciting it like chanting.

    Hope to meet you one day and chant the Heart Sutra together.


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    Hi Caroline,

    Yes we can find that interconnectedness within the chant and then it feels like we are chanting together.

    The complexity is good because that helps us to stay mindful so that we do not drift into the past, present, and future.


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    Hi All,

    Here are some lovely quotes from Ryōjun Shionuma which link in with the precepts:

    (Ryōjun Shionuma is well known in Japan since he has completed two of the most difficult ascetic practices of the Shugendō tradition: the Ōmine Sennichikaihōgyō (One-thousand Days Trekking Practice on Mt. Ōmine) and the Shimugyō (Four-fold Renouncing Practice).

    “For me, gyō has been a way to let my spiritual life grow and to make it more all-encompassing.”

    “This is also why I think that performing gyō is a never ending task, i.e. a life-long activity.”

    “The Shimugyō taught me the most important precepts for guiding my life: refrain from being angry at someone, refrain from hating someone and never blame someone else for what has happened to you.”

    “And if I desire what I do not yet have, I am going to suffer because something is lacking and I will not be content in my present situation. However, if I am able to value those things in my situation which are blessings rather than focusing on what may be lacking, I can feel thankful and this make an enormous difference in the way I live and encounter others.”

    “The fundamental justification for doing gyō is nothing more and nothing less than that simple act of sharing.”

    “Who am I?” “What is a human?” “What is life?” These are questions we forget to think about when we live a life filled with contentment and happiness. I am convinced that if we want to answer these questions, we need to rouse to action and take the challenge of embarking on a gyō. “

    “I aim at not causing worry for others.”


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    Hi All,

    Here are some more from Ryōjun Shionuma.

    (Ryōjun Shionuma is well known in Japan since he has completed two of the most difficult ascetic practices of the Shugendō tradition: the Ōmine Sennichikaihōgyō (One-thousand Days Trekking Practice on Mt. Ōmine) and the Shimugyō (Four-fold Renouncing Practice).

    “I would like at this point to reflect on what “practice” or “gyō” means in this context. For some, gyō means a special period of time of one-hundred or one-thousand days, but for others gyō is more of a life-time activity or, more precisely, a way of life. Furthermore, for some, gyō is undertaken with the aim to reform oneself, and thus is seen as a self-centered activity. In contrast, others understand gyō as being performed for the benefit of other sentient beings, and is thus seen as an altruistic activity. In short, there are many different ways to understand what gyō really is. “

    “I am fully aware of all these points of view; however, as I have performed all kinds of gyō, I must confess that what is most important for me about gyō is not so much that “I” am performing or accomplishing something but, more essentially, that “I” am graced by the gift of being able to perform or accomplish an ascetic practice (gyō).”

    “For mountain ascetics, gyō is to live according to the spirit of that precept.”


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    I will use this video during my reiki classes and for myself often. Hearing the chants done in this way is powerful and makes them come alive with great reference. They go beyond just nice things to say to some deeper and more profound.  Once again my teacher is removing the darkness and bringing me to the light of deeper understanding.

    I do many chants and mantras as part of my practice. I have chanted along with Frans live and on CD. It has been my goal to learn the heart sutra in Japaneses to be able to chant it without a book and with the same reference as Frans does, this seems more attainable for me and a good start toward the heart sutra. 

    Thank you Frans this gives me an additional tool to deepen my practice and start the day on a strong foundation, knowing that if I practice these precepts I am my true self and being reiki to the best of my ability just for today.

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    Thanks Jeff,

    Yes we can just say them 3 times, like we say normal things, but we will have a more directer experience of the precepts when we chant them.

    Chanting also helps with our deep breathing into the hara/tanden, which in turn helps us to become more stable, which in turn helps us to become less angry and worried.

    The Japanese also have very specific sounds which are important in many chants, like the Heart Sutra, etc.. and these we can also find within the precepts. Thus when we chant it instead of saying it we can trigger a very specific vibration which helps us to embody the precepts.


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    Frans this is a beautiful recording – your voice, and the music provided by your very talented daughter are quite a dynamic duo! Thank you so much for sharing this recording with us. I love how I feel after listening to you chant – centered yet expansive – it resonates afterwards for as long as I sit with it. I will listen to this recording often. Cheers! Dale

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    Chanting the Precepts…this is a very special video Frans!  Simple & Empowering…  I love having the visual impact of the printed words, the ability to chant alongside your voice and the soothing background music played by your daughter.  Thank you for creating yet another great tool that will not only benefit my personal practice but is one I’m excited to share with my students during Reiki classes for animals & their people 🙂

    Peace, Love & Cheery Chanting, Karren

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    Great idea Frans…using this video during regular practice sessions too will keep us all “tuned up”! 🙂

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