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Below is a video of Frans Stiene sharing a sacred space with one of his students, Tomoe, in a Shinpiden Reiki Level III class in San Francisco, 2013.
Ultimately we’re all interconnected – it’s only in our confused minds that we see everything as separate. For this reason we can always receive healing no matter the time or distance.

So try this…While watching the video sit comfortably and quietly and set your intent to heal yourself, receiving whatever you may need for that healing to take place. At the same time feel the interconnectedness between yourself and the universe, and Frans and the student.

When we see human life only in terms of ordinary time, where everything is chopped into separate pieces, then our eyes aren’t open to see life in terms of universal time, where we are interconnected and interpenetrated with all sentient beings. 
From “Each moment is the Universe – Zen and the way of being time” by Dainin Katagiri

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    Thank you Frans for sharing this video. I was sat there in the room with you and the energy is still with me now. Thank you for reminding me of our connection to the infinite:-)

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    I had my 12 year old son watch this today. First we did chanting on symbol 1 for 10 minutes then I played this , I asked him to mentally say that he is connected to the universe and Frans and student and also say may he receive what ever healing he needs at this exact moment in his life. after he was done I asked him and he said he felt his left foot was numb , he felt little dizzy and his hands were like he was holding on to some thing. But then he also said ” mom I don’t know if what I felt was real but numbness was 🙂 I told him don’t doubt it , just go with this it . I think I will work with him this summer for level 1 , he seems ready :).
    I think Kids can feel the most subtle energies , they don’t reason . I had my daughter sitting there also , who has special needs she was calmer after that. Thank you Frans and Bronwen for sharing this sacred space with us.

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  5. Avatar of seema

    I think that’s why its important that we teach our kids from young , so they can clear the layers as they form as soon they will be adults .

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