Can I help sick people with Reiki?

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There are many reasons why people learn Reiki. This week we had an email from someone through our website enquiring about learning Reiki for a specific purpose.

Q: I would like to be able to help sick people with Reiki where should I start?

A: First you need to learn the system of Reiki. Reiki is a Japanese practice which is made up of five elements.

In Level I you will be taught how to perform Reiki on yourself and friends and family. So, if your friends become sick then you can use the hands-on aspect of the system of Reiki to help them.

If you wish to take this further and become a professional practitioner that is also possible. You will need to deepen your knowledge of Reiki by learning Level II. You must develop your energetic experience with yourself and others and finally insure yourself. The gaining of insurance for professional and public liability is often made possible by first joining a Reiki association. 

Many people like to learn Reiki to help others. Some will already be working with some form of spiritual healing but would like to work within a structure – the system of Reiki provides this. Or there are those without any experience at all. For them an experienced teacher will take them through all of the Reiki steps one by one. 

For everyone the very first step, however, is to find out about energy work and what it means to you through your own experience. This is why it is recommended that to become a professional you should wait until you have personal experience and have deepened your knowledge with the second level.

Our book, due out in a month’s time, called Your Reiki Treatment

and it looks at all the modern expectations of a Reiki treatment. These have changed overtime as treatments within the system have moved from a cottage industry into a professional treatment performed in hospitals, hospices, day spas, beauty clinics and natural therapy centers all around the world.

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