Can I combine Reiki with religion?

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This week’s chosen question from our website is one that is often discussed in Reiki communities around the world.

Q: I have a friend who would like to learn Reiki but is struggling with his religious beliefs. He and some of his religious friends think Reiki goes against what they believe in. Can he combine Reiki with religion?

A: People who believe that Reiki might conflict with their religion may simply need to gain a better understanding of what Reiki is. We have a page dedicated to What Is and Isn’t Reiki. on our website. With a better understanding of the system of Reiki your friend will hopefully understand that Reiki is a universal practise that will support a religious practise.

Your friend might like to listen to interviews with those involved with various religions and Reiki in the audio section of the blog.

We have an interview with a Catholic nun and another with a Minister of The United Church of Canada who both practice Reiki on themselves and others. There is also an interview with a Tendai Priest who talks about the origins of Reiki and its similarities with Tendai Buddhism.

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