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Kathleen Prasad interviews Gail Pope from BrightHaven Animal Retreat for the International House of Reiki. Gail talks about the benefits of working with Reiki and animals. Kathleen Prasad is a graduate of the International House of Reiki and is a renowned animal Reiki practitioner and teacher.

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    What Gail said about the difference she has noticed now that she and Richard are Reiki practioners versus before in regards to the transition time is so very true. Before I used to believe that my friends were “lost” to me. They were never lost, my eyes were just closed.

    I am so very grateful to Frans, Kathleen, and BrightHaven for being there to help me along with my journey. Namaste

  2. Avatar of Frans Stiene

    Hi Kathi,

    What a lovely statement; “my eyes were just closed”. For me the system of Reiki is about opening our eyes and seeing who we really are.

    BrightHaven is such a wonderful place where they really care for the animals.



  3. Avatar of kathi richards

    And now I can see who others really are too. Great bright beings, everywhere! Some of us just have more layers to peel away.  kathi

  4. Avatar of Frans Stiene

    Hi Kathi,

    Yes we are all Great Bright Beings or in other words Reiki (spiritual energy). Therefore the system of Reiki is not about adding things to our lives but about stripping away layers so that we can see what we all already have, Reiki.
    We all have to remember that we are Reiki already, this is the whole purpose of the system of Reiki.
    What a wonderful journey.

  5. Avatar of kathi richards

    Frans, that is so perfectly said. I need to share this on my Rescue Reiki Face Book page if you don’t mind.

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