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buddha painting

At our recent Paris Shinpiden course I noticed that the venue also held an exhibition of Buddhist paintings. They were just wonderful and reminded me of the thoughts of a respected Buddhist teacher, but we’ll come back to those paintings later in this article.

Let’s first look at what happened in this course.

When discussing Reiki (spiritual energy) one of the participants asked this question: Is Reiki outside of ourselves and do we only slowly start to tap into this energy when we practise the 5 elements of the system (the precepts, meditations, hands on healing, symbols/mantras and the reiju/attunement)?

We often see the world as being outside of our self. This includes when we think of healing, gaining wisdom or ways to feel good. But in reality these changes of healing, wisdom and feeling good are found within and not outside.

In essence we are Reiki (spiritual energy). This Reiki within ourselves is often described in the terms of us being a great bright light. If we look at most people today their light is not so bright. They have placed layer upon layer of anger, worry, fear, resentment, attachment and more over it – covering its beauty. When these people look in the mirror and see themselves it reminds them of how unhappy, dissatisfied or inadequate they feel.

How often do you look in the mirror and truly see yourself as a great bright light?

By utilizing the 5 elements of the system of Reiki we slowly start to remove these uncomfortable and ill-fitting layers that have been placed over our great bright light. Each time we remove a layer we begin to see another glimmer of light shining through. This grows as the light becomes clearer and brighter. Until one day we suddenly realize that we are standing in the light; we are that great bright light or, in other words, we are Reiki. At the same time we discover that we are Reiki we also discover that everything around us is Reiki.

A feeling of interconnectedness and non-duality dawns upon us.

Now let’s return to the Buddhist paintings. Often Buddhist practitioners visualize a Buddha in front of themselves. Then after practising this for a long time they might start to visualize the Buddha on their crown of their heads. And after doing this for a long time they might begin to visualize the Buddha in their heart. And suddenly, one day they realize that they are nothing more or less than a Buddha.

Or to paraphrase the famous Buddhist teacher I had been thinking of when I looked at those paintings:
A Buddha is a human being who has realized that he/she is a Buddha and a human being is a Buddha who hasn’t realized that he/she is a Buddha.

In practising the system of Reiki we, as human beings, begin to realise that we are a great bright light. Over time and practise, full embodiment of that realisation awakens a knowing… we have always been that great bright light from conception and beyond. And from this moment we will Be Reiki.

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  1. Avatar of pankaj shukla

    lovely little article ….

    literally sums up the entire concept of reik,i it’s objective and the achievement …all at one time !:)

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