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I was walking in the arena in my walking meditation, Roman (my horse) came in from the pasture and began to walk behind me, Belle (dog) was walking behind Roman and Pretzel and Buzzy (cats) were following on the top rail.  I smiled at the sight of us and thought how blessed I am.  I am so happy that Roman has joined me now several times when I go out for my meditations and walking.

After my 30 minute walk I sat on the hay tub to go deeper into my meditation.  I breathed into my hara.  Belle was beside me, Pretzel and Buzzy on the fence rail next to me and Roman stood facing me about 5 feet away.  He had already begun his meditation.  I watched him for a minute as I breathed and I wondered if I would ever get as grounded as this horse is.  He is so powerful and goes so deep into his own meditation, I feel it is because he is a Mustang born in the wild, he had to go deep quickly and in short snippets of time, I’ve never seen a domestic horse that goes this deep, maybe it is because he has my heart and has been a profound teacher for me.   

I settle into my breathing and close my eyes, it is incredibly peaceful.  My heart expands in such a depth I feel it will burst.  I feel my feet firmly planted into the ground up to my knees, solid, like a sense of grounding I never felt in my previous Reiki studies, I’m so grateful for this practice, this way of Reiki.  I’m so grateful I trusted myself to continue to seek answers and didn’t give up on Reiki.  I feel like I am home in my heart, in my soul, in my bones at the very essence of me.  A feeling I am fairly sure I do not know on a conscious level, yet I know it, it is familiar, like home is the only way I can put it into words.

I hear many birds flying over and near, other than the slight breeze and birds it is complete silence, I feel very connected as if I am part of the earth and the breeze, it all feels vibrating to me.

I’m not sure what brought me back from the deep silence and vibrating sensation, but I slowly opened my eyes to see about 10 bluebirds sitting on the fence rail, Buzzy and Pretzel are not even paying attention to them. I breathe deep and allow all of the lovely feelings to absorb in.  No one is moving much, I’m not sure how long we have been here, but feels like a long time.  Roman gives a big snort and licks and chews, I stand and he walks over to me and puts his head on my chest, snorts again licks and chews and turns to walk into the pasture.  My heart is full, the connectedness is so incredibly deepand tears stream.  I notice Frosty and Tess (mares) came in from the pasture and are sleeping against the arena fence.  

I don’t want it to end, but I know I can go there again and again, I know if I can experience this depth of connection and fullness in this short of time, it just makes me want to go deeper into my practices, studies, meditations and hold them with reverence and honor them, my mind wants to hurry and rush to learn more but I rein myself in with a deep knowing there is no rush to get there, where, whatever the minds thinks to achieve, there is just now and I can come back to this feeling of peace and connectedness anytime, I want to savor it.  This groundedness is helping me in all aspects of my daily life and a couple of mindful breaths can get me here, grounded and a solid foundation, which I did not have before, amazing.

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    Very compelling, sweet experience and I love the way you express it, Frans.  I feel like I am there.
    I recently inherited a 16 year old wolf/shepherd mix named Samantha.  Her person passed away Dec. 5th, 2014.  I care gave for her person for two years + along with Samantha and Cat who is 9.  Cat is with me too.
    I didn’t realize at the time that Samantha was losing her hearing.  But now that I have her home with me I have discovered that she is completely deaf. When you described the silence in your piece, it warmed my heart because I am living in Silence with Samantha,
    something I have not experienced until now.  It has brought me to a place of attention that I have not experienced before now.  I communicate with Samantha uniquely to her but in silence, with hand motions and facial expressions, because that is what she watches.  I am more attuned to the energy I project so that she does not misunderstand me.
    She has truly altered my perspective and has changed my life.  I love watching her and when I meditate,  my felines gather and the finches, sparrows, magpies and song birds gather and I caught us all watching Samantha in Silence.
    Thank you for reminding me of this wonderful moment.
    My point is, I pay much more attention to my projection of my energy with everyone and everything.  I inherited a beautiful being and am so grateful for her.

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    Sorry Jodie, I thought Frans wrote this, so thank you, Jodie, for your beautiful expression, and thank you , Frans for posting Jodie’s article.

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    Hello Frans and Tammi,

    Thank you for the beautiful comments—so appreciated.

    Tammi-thank you for sharing about Samantha and how she is teaching you and helping you with your own work.

    I love that you have taken Samantha and Cat in when their person passed.  I’ve been thinking a lot about animals in a situation like this.  I wonder how many animals end up in a shelter when their world is dismantled.  It is something I want to research more—thank you for sharing:)

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    Hi Tammi,
    Just to add to the confusion. I put the article up.

    Hi Jodie,
    I also have lots of animals including horses and I love the communication that exists beyond words that we all have with one another, allowing us to be in a constantly changing harmony. It is more apparent when we are with animals – which is probably a good lesson for all. Thanks!

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    Thank you Bronwen for posting Jodie’s article!
    I also work at an animal shelter once a week.  Do you really want to research this information?  It’s heartbreaking in some cases.  How thick is your skin? 
    While I am at the shelter, my Reiki guides point me in the direction of specific animals who need a Reiki treatment.  I quietly abide with empathy and gratitude that I am able to help.
    Sending Reiki does help these animals.
    Please volunteer your time for a little minute at your local animal shelter.  That’s the best research you can do, Jodie.

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    Hi Bronwen,

    Thank you for posting and for sharing! 

    I like how you say it: communicate beyond words, that is so true, much deeper.  I think I saw one of your cute animals on the Ki Campus pictures.

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    Hi Tammi,

    It sounds like you have some great opportunities to assist.  Thank you for sharing and your insights.

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