Artist’s Impression of Transformation

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I am a student of the International House of Reiki and first started practicing the system of Reiki when Bella (Bronwen and Frans’s daughter) was four. I am also a maker. Making is one way I contemplate and/or understand. I make paintings, fabric, and lights and thing from found objects. Making is also a meditation.

Recently my paintings and images have been around articulating the experience of transformation and meditation.

The series above is me exploring how to articulate how I/we are bound by things/ ideas/meaning we have constructed. The messiness of transformation and the resulting outcome of the transformation – the nakedness of being without all the constructions of being.

I would do the third column differently now as while it captures the being stripped to essence or not being bound and confined it doesn’t include the rest that is, the all, the beyond duality thing.

How to live and/or articulate beyond duality is still a work in progress.


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    Wild, I’ve been curious about your work since I’ve been able to see bits of it behind you on the screen when you appear for the virtual practices. 
    It’s lovely to see a really personal representation.  sometimes we lose that when we are speaking about these things. Easy to fall back on cliche or vagaries. Language can shape us in ways that aren’t true to our meanings, and they don’t necessarily last or look as pretty –  Y’know, like, ummmm Yeah!
    Lisa XX

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