Animal Reiki Chat – Video

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Bronwen chats with Kathleen Lester, Janet Dobbs and Ilona Schenk about their work with animals and Reiki.

You can find Kathleen’s book on Animal Reiki Research here.

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    Thank you so much Bronwen and everyone. Very much enjoyed your shares Kathleen, Janet and Ilona. I am only at Okuden level in Gendai Reiki tradition, and am very much an animal person. Would like to feel more able to offer Reiki. Volunteer weekly at RSPCA and support fundraisers for rescues. I have three rescue background cats, and soon a dog will join me again. xx

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      The system of Reiki brings us to a state of wholeness. This is a state that our body (physical, mental and spiritual) recognises as whole, not perhaps what we consider to be whole. What I mean by this is that the aim is not to stop you from dying but to help you die in a state of wholeness – without pain, anger, worry, fear etc.So you can use the system of Reiki for wellbeing in this situation, knowing that whatever you do for your dog it is supporting the process of change. So, I would definitely offer Reiki to your dog at this point in his or her life.

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