And the Universe replied…

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Japanese cosmology beautifully underpins the system of Reiki. It tells us everything we need to know at a spiritual level.

    • “And the Universe replied…”

    The story begins with our creation, formed from the energetic blending of heavenly energy and earth energy. Watch as light filters down to join with rising darkness, and from this muddy core a human shape emerges. Sitting there, at the centre of this swirling universe (brewed from dualistic elements), is humanity. This is how we were birthed, into a state of wholeness, pure perfection.

    Just as humanity is forged at the centre of the universe, so, too, our individual selves mirror this great Universal story. Watch as our heads – filled with knowing lightness – meet the grounded earthiness within our bellies, to bare an open heart that cannot hide its beauty. This naked heart holds a perfect equilibrium, a balanced state – that of wholeness.

    We are perfect mini replicas of the Universe. And that cosmological story of creation, of the blending of the heavens and the earth to create humanity, reveals that we are the living, pulsing, heart of our Universe. We humans are, in our most perfect whole state, love.

    When we study the system of Reiki we learn practices which support us in remembering this wholeness. Simple meditations that balance the hara (our bellies) with the head, allowing us to come together in the heart. And it is from the heart that we remember our interconnectedness, our Oneness, with the Universe and its laws… and truths.

    Universal law exists beyond cultures as an inclusive law, shimmering with the magnificence of pure truth. I’m not talking about the subjective truth we use to discuss history or a desired future, but a truth that cannot be denied and can answer any question put to it. Only in a state of balance, wholeness, can we tap this natural source. It’s as if we forget that we are individuals, instead assuming the role of the Universe’s heart.

    When the Universe moves so purely within us, we respond with the knowing and wisdom of the greatest sages.

    To build our inner knowledge, we work with meditations and techniques to connect with our Reiki rituals such as Reiki treatments, distance healings, and reijus. Each of these Reiki practices differs in individual intent, but are stories from the human heart. Hearts searching for healing, connection, empowerment.

    Not only do we see the small inside the great, but from within the small we also see the great. The Universe reflects intent back at us, asking us to be open to whatever it is that we might need at this exact moment in time. A deeper intent that allows the heart to transcend her human form and tap into a primal healing.

    Working with the system of Reiki, we learn to listen to the heart of the Universe speak her ancient language. She gives us pause as we recognise her words:

    “For Today Only:
    Do not anger
    Do not worry
    Be grateful
    Be true to your way and your being
    Be compassionate to yourself and others”

    She reaches out from the core of the universe to touch our human hearts.

    No matter the question, the Universe replies… “love”.

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