Is it necessary to attend an ‘advanced’ Reiki class before beginning the Master level?

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This week we received this question through our website: “Is it necessary to attend an ‘advanced’ Reiki class before beginning the Master level?”

This concept has only been recently introduced into the system of Reiki by Western Reiki practitioners. You will be happy to hear that there is no need to complete an ‘advanced’ level (sometimes called level 3a).

Most important within the system of Reiki is your personal practice and developing that. This entails practicing the techniques and methods your learned within Reiki II or Okuden before moving on to Reiki III level or Shinpiden. You can find out more about them in our book:

The Japanese Art of Reiki 

In most “advanced” Reiki courses the focus is on learning extra techniques which are added to the system of Reiki. However extra techniques will not make you a better practitioner.

It is easy to think that the more techniques used, the more accomplished you will become, but in reality becoming accomplished at the three levels of the system means mastering the techniques you have learned. Otherwise you become – as the saying goes – a Jack of all trades and master of none.

Traditionally in Japan you would learn one technique and practice it over and over again until you had mastered it and then move on to the next step. You would continue in this way until you reached Level III (Shinpiden).

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