Active Acceptance and Reiki

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Active acceptance is the path to liberation.

Liberation is the effortless embodiment of the Reiki precepts: Release of fear and anger, living quietly in our small and large truths, experiencing all beings compassionately – not separate from ourselves – and following the inner flow of the universe with great presence in each moment that arises and falls.

The effortlessness of this embodiment comes from a radical holistic change in understanding in our mind, body, and full being.

The crucial first process that leads to this liberation is acceptance.

Acceptance is a practice, needs to be practiced, again and again.

May we all stay with our acceptance practice. May we all find our way to liberation.

Alice Risemberg is a Shinpiden graduate of IHReiki and Reiki Teacher, Roseville, CA 

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    Hi Alice true active acceptance is liberation. Active acceptance is much more then acknowledging it. Its acknowledgment, embracing and then taking action. Reiki Precepts gives us tools to acknowledge , embrace the fears, anger worry which so many times we are too proud to embrace it or we just acknowledge and do nothing about it. Precepts helps us to work with all those emotions and set us free or liberated. When one doesn’t have those fears , worries and anger there is no reason to feel trapped and that brings us to compassion to self and others and ultimately accepting every being compassionately.
    BTW nice blog you started on Reiki Pulse , many wishes Hugs

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