A New Addition to the Tomah Reiki Retreat

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Chai1 Welcome Chai!

She is the latest addition to the Tomah Reiki Retreat in the Blue Mountains, Australia. If you come and take a class at the Tomah Reiki Retreat you will be sure to meet her. She might even let you work a little Reiki with her. Her name is Chai and she was born on the 21st May.

Chai2 Chai has come to join us and our old cashmere goat Moonlight.

Moonlight’s owner was moving and so she recently came to live with us. We thought Moonlight would appreciate the company and it seems we were right. Moonlight has been protecting her from the rest of the crew. We have to laugh at her, the way she peers at you to see if you are enemy or foe; she looks like a little old dame who should be wearing spindley, silver spectacles. 

chai3 Flora the pig has made friends with the two, and the miniature horses insist on going over for a chat to tell the goats who the real bosses of the retreat are – them, of course.

Chai is impossible to get a good photo out of. Her jumps and whoops are so sweet but never seem to stop. She also seems to think that a camera is soemthing edible. So please excuse our poor photography.


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