A Deep Breath

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A deep breath, my mind clear, slowly I sink into meditation.
Aware of everything but nothing seems to scream for my attention.
Everything is like a play of light, whatever I grasp slips through my fingers, nothing is solid.
I am Frans and at the same time I am not.
Looking at my body, it is there, yet it feels like it is not there at all, not even a trace of it.
Past, present, and future all intertwined like a rain drop merging within a pond.
Ripples of eternity clearly visible, but no words to describe it.
I rise, my hand reaches for the door, I step through it, into the light.
Yet I am still sitting, nothing has changed but everything is changing.

Dr. Olga Rodriguez Rasmussen, a Shinpiden graduate of the Inetrnational House of Reiki, has created a meditation using Frans’ poem.

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    Beautiful, Frans and Olga! Frans, the image of your reaching for and stepping though the door without moving is so amazing, and I love “nothing has changed, but everything is changing.” And Olga, a beautiful realization. Thank you both so much!!!

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