21 Day Fudō Myō-ō Chanting Meditation with Frans Stiene

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It has been amazing how fast the last 21 days have gone, not sure if it was the chanting or just various elements merged together. But it was an amazing experience I won’t forget any time soon. I will also be continuing it by integrating it into my daily practice.

The first day, it almost seemed daunting when Frans jokingly mentioned we’ll repeat the mantra 5-6 times in one breath like he demonstrated. But his guidance, slow, gradual build up, getting us to just sit on our butt and chant openly, really allowed us to get to a stage of chanting the mantra 3-4 times within a breath (~3 breaths a minute). His insight into the teachings and understanding is deep, openly sharing his knowledge and experiences with all students. It is something that is very inspiring of Frans and really true to himself; being true to his own teachings.

As the days went a long, there were days when I notice I would chant better, whilst some others not so well, which is completely fine as it is part of the process. But it really goes to show how much can be achieved by ‘letting go of our attachments’ in chanting. Air flows better, muscles release to allow a smoother longer chant. I highly recommend it hence continuing it in my daily practice. As I’ve never been very vocal throughout my life, despite having a passion for singing, I’ve really found it is opening and releasing certain deep-set traumas which came up by day 16. It also released a few fears for me too.

Thank you for such a wonderful and intense experience. Though I have to say, each person’s journey is different, so what I experienced may not be the same as others, however, when done correctly does help give more connection with your body and generate wonderful, varied vibrations of energy throughout the body.

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    So eloquently explained Katsi. I also recommend this chanting meditation. It has helped me to move on also. Thank you Frans.

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