Reiki Treatments

Reiki is a simple and powerful process.

The treatments and their frequency are individually tailored to the client's needs and condition. This is the perfect way to spoil yourself.

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A Reiki treatment is one-hour long and is useful for specific healing or general relaxation. The client remains fully clothed at all times as the practitioner goes through a set healing process as agreed with the client prior to the treatment. Sex, age and condition are of no concern as the client's own body controls the process. During the treatment the body will only take the amount of energy that it requires.

A Reiki treatment is not intrusive and clients do not remove clothing and no private parts of the body are touched.

If a client is wishing to work on a specific issue or health problem it is advisable to book for three one-hour treatments. But first come along for one treatment to see if you like the experience.

The International House of Reiki offers two levels of treatments at most of their venues. There is the Professional Treatment or Student Clinic Treatments.

Professional Reiki Treatments

One-hour treatments are available. These are private and performed in a one-on-one situation with a professional International House of Reiki practitioner.

Student Clinic Reiki Treatments

If you would like to try out Reiki in an informal atmosphere then feel welcome to come along to our student clinic. Student clinics are available at some, but not all, of our venues. Here, International House of Reiki Level II and III practitioners are waiting to practise their Reiki skills under the supervision of a professional International House of Reiki practitioner.

Recommended Reading

Your Reiki Treatment - Written by founders of the International House of Reiki, Bronwen and Frans Stiene.

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