Reiki Retreats

The International House of Reiki offers a variety of Reiki Retreats internationally.

The Reiki Retreats are there for Reiki practitioners, teachers and experienced meditators to take their practice to a deeper level through the direct experience of the practices and teachings. During these retreats we will focus on ancient Japanese spiritual practices to facilitate these direct experiences.


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I got so much from the retreat… such depth and full energetic realizations. I uncovered a buried trauma that has to effect me on so many levels probably most of the time. You taught us so many tools and methods, techniques and meditations to help us heal and expand in our inner spiritual growth…. I feel like I have what I need to help support my healings in this area, as well as ALL areas. This path just keeps getting deeper and wider, yet more and more expansive. In your teachings, you take such powerful spiritual teachings that have the ability to tap into our inner essence and soul, and make them attainable to all of us with such a fun, light spirited delivery. You support us by letting us feel that depth by your being it, holding that space for us. You are incredibly inspirational and I feel very blessed to be one of your students. Thank-you for being True to your way and you’re being and sharing it so fully with us!
Sarah Dailey, USA

Yep: you’ve done it again. All round wonderful. Four days of heaven.
Jason, Australia

Once again I am amazed at how deep the system goes and how many layers can be left behind. It is extremely hard to put in to words the gratitude I have for this retreat and the compassion that Frans shows to us all. The buddha is with the buddha. The light is shining brightly in Joy. Love is all around.
Jeff, USA

Wonderful way to connect, refresh and enjoy your practice in open and giving company.
Deb, Australia

Retreat was an amazing 4 days of personal healing, deepening purpose & practice, disintegrating into five elements and integrating back again thru energy exercises, chanting, meditations and hands on healing. What makes it special is Frans creating the right space for everyone to have the experience they need, and that comes from his deep compassion. Deep Gratitude!
Zeynep, USA

I arrived scattered to the wind from the moment arrived I felt the rainforest seep in and a gentle calm. The setting, the food, the people, the meditations restored, renewed and refreshed.
I leave with clarity, calm and inner smile – thank you.
Vicki, Australia

As always, the teaching is profound, the growth exponential, and the possibilities limitless. I am grateful to have you as a teacher and to be supported by Bronwen and IHReiki.
Dr. Joan McAndrew, Canada

It was a great balance of activities – intense sessions of practise broken up by rainforest walks, swimming in the ocean, and lots of good food, not to mention the excellent company! I came away feeling revived and renewed (5 years younger?).
Lisa, Australia

This has been one of most profound, intimate and personal experiences, and at the same time shared and integrated. I have enjoyed the sharing, the trust and the connectedness that developed during the weekend. It has been privilege and an honour to be in this experience with Frans and the wonderful people in the group.
Arijana, Canada

Had a fantastic time, it was not long enough!
Cheryl, Australia

Wonderful….energising….peaceful…..funny…..deepening…spiritual….connecting.Frans is all of above and much more. His teaching and knowledge is second to none. He brings such depth and understanding to his courses which inspires and nurtures his students. The group connected to each other from day one and I came away with new friends and fresh ideas to teach my own students.
Jenny – UK

Very fulfilling. Lovely to be part of the family.
Yvonne, Australia

Great time exploring new meditations, chants and energy work.
Dawn, Australia

Deeply rewarding at so many levels, with so much to take away and explore further.
Michael Gunton, UK

Its been wonderful being in this beautiful place with so many like-minded people. The meditations were so varied and really enabled a connection to take place within and with everything around.
Julie, Canada

Beautiful Reiki family. Great wisdom, huge hearts, perpetual kindness and a gift to each and everyone of us. Thank you for giving so much of yourselves and guiding us on the journey of life.
Renae, Australia

7 days of Reiki shared with Frans, Bronwen and my many new friends was a truly magical experience. I can not recommend the National Reiki Retreat enough. Make time in your life to experience it.
Elise, VIC, Australia

Great experience to share these days with like minded people. It has opened my eyes to a broader look at the use of Reiki and enjoyed the experience of all the techniques. I feel so more complete. Frans has a great way of sharing his knowledge with us and how to explain everything.
Karina, QLD, Australia

The past four days have been what I needed. The group has been one of the all time greats in respect, great minds alike, and questioning honesty. Thank you for your generosity in sharing your knowledge.
Jil, NSW, Australia

Being at the National Reiki Retreat has been the best gift I could give myself. I felt so enriched and inspired also by the unspoiled surroundings. Each day a dive into the essence of myself and the universe. Each day a discovery and a challenge together with friends never met before. Thank you Frans and Bronwen for your effort and to have come with this fantastic idea. Now I can go home with a luggage full of Reiki treasures.
Martha, NSW, Australia

Thanks Frans and Bronwen for sharing your knowledge and for your support. You have shown me that there is more to the system of Reiki than hands on healing. The rainforest was a perfect setting for a much needed retreat.
Deborah, VIC, Australia

Thank you Frans and Bronwen for such a wonderful experience at the National Reiki Retreat. Its been a great experience connecting with other Reiki practitioners. I am really looking forward to your next National Reiki Retreat.
Ilona, NSW, Australia

I haven’t stopped talking and living Reiki since the retreat at Mission Beach.
Lynne, NSW, Australia

Thank you both so much for organizing the retreat. It has had a profound effect on my understanding of the System of Reiki, myself and the importance of personal practice. I came home with a serenity and inner peace that has for so long been illusive to me. The surroundings, the people, and the content made a wonderful package. Truly transformational. I am looking forward to next years retreat.
Vicki, NSW, Australia

Thank you so much for imparting your knowledge in such a friendly and information atmosphere. I totally enjoyed the whole experience, the friendly group of people and the lovely venue with peaceful surrounds creating further the background for the reiki was truly inspirational.This was all topped off with a wonderful treatment by Frans on my last day and I came away feeling totally peaceful and relaxed and resolved to continue deeper into my reiki practice.I hope to see you again.
Roz, QLD, Australia

Reiki Retreats