Okuden Reiki II

Develop your personal practise and gain Professional Practitioner status

All Okuden graduates receive a 48 page Okuden Manual, FREE membership to the Ki Campus and Certificate

Suitable for: Level I International House of Reiki practitioners who would like to develop a deeper understanding of the power of Reiki within their lives.

For those who have not completed Shoden Level I with the International House of Reiki a brief online transition course is a pre-requisite to ensure that the student is up-to-date with the teachings. If this is required it will be provided at the time of booking your course and the training will be made available at the KI Campus.

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Okuden Training

Training: in-person 1 or 2 days
Our Okuden Level II Reiki course will provide you with:

Optional Post-course training: A three week online follow-up Reiki training can be completed at the Ki Campus along with 20 Reiki treatments within 6 months. This online training includes:

  • Undertaking the Okuden Lessons which include multiple choice questions relating to the five main elements of the system of Reiki. This includes a 500 word essay
  • Completing a daily routine of self-healing and shirushi and jumon work for 3 weeks
  • Taking part in discussion on the Okuden forum
  • Keeping a journal and including 3 excerpts for assessment
  • Provide proof of the completion of 20 Reiki Treatments (can include treatments on animals)

About Okuden Reiki Level II

Okuden is a Japanese word meaning ‘inner teachings’. As the word implies a deeper understanding and connection to Usui Mikao’s teachings is achieved during this course. 

This level teaches how to connect to Earth and Heaven energy, the first steps to becoming fully integrated with the universe. This is achieved through the practise of shirushi (symbols) and jumon (mantras). It will enable the student to enhance his/her own energy levels and sensitivity. There are many aspects to the shirushi and jumon which include chanting and visualisation techniques. Rather than being external tools – the focus here is on internal use for spiritual development.

The concept of Oneness, understanding that we are One energetically with everything in the universe, is one of the major benefits of working in this manner and is naturally practised in the course. An element of this study of Oneness allows the practitioner to perceive the deeper meanings of distant healing. Additional Japanese Reiki techniques are offered to assist spiritual growth even further.

As awareness grows so does the ability to help others – this is discussed at this level.

After completing Okuden the student is expected to continue with the practicing on oneself and others where possible.

Benefits of Okuden

  • Find balance in everyday life
  • Experience the sensation of being grounded in any situation
  • Begin to release your fear and anger
  • Understand your connection to people, places, nature and events in the world around you
  • Progress deeper along your spiritual path
  • Begin to help others professionally
  • Expand your knowledge about the system of Reiki from a Japanese perspective
  • Receive individual ongoing attention and guidance from your teacher
  • Belong to an international healing community, the International House of Reiki, and receive all the benefits of the centre’s great support systems
  • Okuden students are encouraged to resit for a minimum fee for continuing education purposes.

Recommended Reading

Prior to joining a Reiki Level II course we recommend that you read the Your Reiki Treatment. This is an indepth book about Reiki treatments that will help you with your own self-treatments as well as any treatments you may undertake on others. It is jam-packed with every little detail and fact about Reiki you could (or couldn’t) think of.

Make sure that your theoretical knowledge of Reiki grows at the same rate as your experiential knowledge. This is the best way we know how to support you with that!

You should have already read the Reiki Level I recommended reading The Japanese Art of Reiki.

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