Animal Reiki

The system of Reiki is known as a number of things; a personal healing practice and a hands-on healing treatment for others. By the term “others” we include not only people but all animals.

We share this world with animals. Working with the system of Reiki with animals is therefore totally natural and gives us the opportunity to communicate with them at a different level than we are used to, or at least to communicate with them consciously at a different level.

There is so much occurring in the animal world, of which we are a part, and of which we are unaware. When you begin allowing Reiki to guide you and support you in your connection with animals you will find that you will be able to communicate in ways you never thought possible. By communicate we don’t necessarily mean “talk’, but rather to sense and be with animals in an authentic manner.

How we treat animals with Reiki

The system of Reiki teaches practitioners ways to work with animals to support the animal’s healing process – and the healing process of the animal’s human friends too if necessary. The way of the practitioner is not to intrude upon the animal’s space, nor to make decisions about the animals health, but to offer healing to the animal that it can draw upon in its own time and in its own way.

Many people think that to receive a healing treatment the hands are placed on the body, this is not necessarily so. Some animals may not appreciate this, or may be unable to have this depending upon their situation. For example, if an animal is in trauma or aggressive or in a cage, then it is not possible to touch. Thankfully, with the system of Reiki, this is not at all a requirement for a Reiki treatment. In fact, most animals prefer to make the choice themselves whether they come to you for touch or whether they simply stay in the energetic environment that you create. Energy does not have physical barriers and animals are more aware of this than us physically conscious humans!

What is the length and time of treatment?

A Reiki treatment for an animal may take up to an hour and will depend upon the needs of the animal. Animals make it quite clear what they want and when.

How many treatments does my pet neeed?

It will depend upon the needs of the animal as to how many treatments the animal may need. One treatment may make an enormous change for an animal. We therefore recommend that this be decided upon after the treatment and after gauging the response of the animal to that treatment.

What illnesses can a Reiki treatment help?

The system of Reiki is not like taking a pill. We simply offer energy to the animal and it takes what it needs. Animals can be very open to healing in this way, while others are more reserved. In this way they are not unlike humans – each is an individual with its own likes and dislikes and quirks. The wonderful thing about a Reiki treatment is its lack of intrusiveness which means that many animals do not feel threatened by the practitioner and can therefore more easily be open to their own healing.

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