Reiki Today

Can we return to the traditional roots of a system that appears to have become almost inseparable from the New Age movement?
The International House of Reiki would like to think so.

Having begun in the early 1900s in Japan, the system of Reiki spread throughout the world with the help of Hawayo Takata. After her death in 1980 there was confusion between her students as to what the exact teachings were. Dogma became a necessity for some new branches while others freely interpreted the system to mean what they felt was appropriate. Out of this a backlash eventually developed and practitioners began researching what they were practising and teaching.

Throughout the 1990s practitioners returned to Japan and met traditional groups and teachers who still practised there. There was a blossoming of information from Japan and a greater sharing of information between East and West. This has helped many Western practitioners to teach from a more open and enlightened viewpoint than had previously been possible.

It has been said that a number of students of Usui Mikao are alive and still practising his teachings in Japan. Other information is being taught by practitioners claiming to have discovered information through old students or researched material. It is hoped that in the future the continuing 'new' information that surfaces can be verified and consequently aid all practitioners.

The International House of Reiki has extensively researched (and continues to research) the system of Reiki from historical, cultural and philosophical stand points. Utilising the name Usui Reiki Ryoho (Usui Spiritual Energy Healing Method) as the name of the teachings, they continue to develop upon these teachings creating unique courses with a strong spiritual connection to the founding teachings of Usui.

The scientific community is becoming more drawn to research the benefits of energetic and spiritual practices such as the system of Reiki.

To ensure that they receive a high quality of teaching all students-to-be should first check out their teachers and what they teach. Associations are just one way of going about this. The founders of the International House of Reiki have founded Shibumi International Reiki Association so that potential clients and students can be assured of high standards - in line with the teachings of the International House of Reiki - of their practitioner or teacher.

For practitiooners and teachers who wish to work professionally it is required that you also get yourself insured. The International House of Reiki can show you the pathways to take for this.