Compassion Room

We are instructed in the system of Reiki to “Be compassionate to yourself and others” through the foundation practice of the Reiki precepts. The Compassion Room is here to help you begin to achieve that.

It is all well and good to be compassionate to others, or to think yourself compassionate to others, but unless you are able to look after yourself there is little that you can do for anyone else. So, let us begin by working on self-compassion.

Self-love Self-kindness Self-understanding Self-care

These gifts to the self are a natural way of living that have been clouded over by fear, worry and anger. When you exist in the Great Bright Light these gifts are apparent and undiluted. The love you provide yourself emanates from you and touches everything. In the system of Reiki it is this Great Bright Light that we work toward, especially at Shinpiden Reiki Level III where we learn the tools to work with this.

Here is a brief meditation that can hep you to remember your self-love.

Compassion Meditation

  • Listen to the Compassion Meditation here

  1. Wherever you are seated, gain a sense of your body and relax it.
  2. Breathe in and on the out breath, relax.
  3. Continue to breathe in deeply and relaxing on the out breath. Make sure your body is relaxed but not slumped.
  4. Now close your eyes and focus on the inside of your body.
  5. As you breathe in follow the pathways of the breath and energy coursing through you. Feel it travelling through your organs, feel it extending out into the tips of your fingers, feel it travelling through your brain, feel it moving down your legs and into your feet.
  6. You are one complete vibrant being.
  7. Breathing in and out feel your energy strengthening and vibrating brightly. As you burn with this brightness sense the intensity of this inner fire burning away any worries you may be holding, burning away any fears for the future, burning away any grief from the past, burning away any anger from your life.
  8. The fire thrills through you and your bright light shines brightly in the center of your world, where ever you may be.
  9. Without anything holding you back you can now feel the love being released from within you, bursting out of you, extending out into the world around you. You are one great ball of love and wisdom … as you cannot have one without the other.
  10. Be in the free flow of this love and know that the more often that you connect with your Great Bright Light, the easier it is each time to know it.
  11. Within this fire you have freed yourself of your self-imposed limitations and you are compassion.
  12. Sit in this space and experience the freedom of this self-love, self-kindness, self-understanding, self-care.  
  13. Sense the breath coming in and out of the body again and when you are ready, bring yourself back into your physical space and open your eyes.